The Democrats are talking about going back to Washington after the election of November 4th, 2008, to work on the financial crises to help the middle class.

I hate this. I don't hate helping the middle class. I hate that they aren't focused on the lower class — the lowest class first and foremost. If the lower class is taken care of, the middle class will benefit immensely anyway.

Also, these people are talking about spending more while increasing tax cuts. Tax cuts for whom, I ask? They need to be thinking about running the whole house with all the assets of the house. That means the whole economy with all of the economic assets in it.

There is not and never has been any justification for the superrich while anyone is wanting through no fault of his or her own. Anyway, we are supposed to be of the forgiving spirit. Even those who make mistakes are not to be left to starve or freeze or die of heatstroke, etc.

Now that Paulson has his $700 billion, he'll concede some for the solvent banks.

Listen to Republican Senator Arlen Specter though. "We are a capitalistic system, and we don't want to move away with nationalizing the banking system; so that, anything that's done has to be done on a temporary basis."

He's completely wrong. He's advocating what is always done on behalf of those who create the panics and runs on the banks. He's advocating bailing them out with tax dollars, which Paulson is doing, and then giving the whole system back to them to repeat the process, thereby keeping the lower class down when it could otherwise rise. He's being evil.

Not only that, but the dollars used to pay the taxes are dollars the U.S. government unnecessarily borrows at interest from the privatized central bank. The U.S. government could issue the money directly, as it did before the evil bankers contrived for the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax to pay them their capitalistic, private profit on money they print out of thin air and off the backs of everyone else.

It's parasitic. They are rendering zero service to the people. It's a huge scheme and scam. The sooner it is overturned, the better.

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