Certain private banks around the world (Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.) are being bailed out by tax-payer money. The people don't have a say in this. The incumbents are making the decisions regardless of what is truly best for the people and their global and local economies.

The lack of liquidity is claimed to have been and to still be the problem. However, bailing out the private banks simply allows those who make money by owning shares in private money-creating mills to continue on. Liquidity could have been increased by the people giving themselves that same amount of money interest free, directly, cutting out the middlemen, the world bankers.

Now, if you don't understand that, you don't know enough and need to find out.

They would have spent it or deposited it, paid off their debts, or invested it, etc. The money would have been put into circulation, and many banks would have seen plenty of that money. What wouldn't have happened though is that bad regular-bank and investment-bank managers be allowed to continue living high off the hog at the poorer people's direct expense.

Of course, what's done doesn't have to stay that way. The people can change things to undo whatever Congress has done. The people can take back their inheritance. They don't need to starve anyone or make anyone homeless or even put anyone in jail to do it. They simply need to band together to create the society they want outside the banker's system.

It's not illegal or immoral to do that. In fact, it's the exact opposite.

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