So, as I wrote yesterday, Republican Senator Arlen Specter is cautioning the people away from wanting the greater egalitarianism of the coming financial rescue to become the permanent direction. He wants greater egalitarianism until the greedy are back in position to do more long-term, under the radar, raping of the rest of humanity.

Well, Arlen, to Hell with your idea. It stinks to high Heaven. You're a lousy leader, Arlen. Turn. You're leading the people astray. Of all the Senators, you speak the most double talk. You have one foot in each camp, and you've demonstrated your fleetness of tongue dancing back and forth faster than anyone else there in the Senate.


You are advocating for the continuation of the theft of the God-given inheritance of all. The people are sick of being ripped off, and the $700 billion bailout was just that: A complete rip-off. The people aren't looking to be placated with scraps and bones from their own tax dollars either. They want their rightful inheritance back that has been being stolen from them ever since the first time the Commons was invaded by thieves in arms calling themselves nobles when their wasn't a noble bone in any of their bodies.


Let's not forget that it is Arlen Specter who has the most dubious of distinctions having come up with the absolutely moronic magic-bullet theory in the John F. Kennedy, Sr., assassination. He was also instrumental, along with some other Senators (Schumer and Feinstein, Democrats) who together conspired and betrayed the people by putting in the infamous Michael Mukasey as U.S. Attorney General, who has done nothing to stop the abuses. We will forgive you though. We won't judge you and condemn you the way you have judged and condemned so many others. You must turn though. There is nothing anyone else can do for you if you don't turn.


When considering which economic system to support, let's also not forget all the false-flag operations and lies used to get the U.S. into wars for evil Empire.


Let's not forget the genocide against the native Americans (American Indians). The U.S. never kept to a single treaty with the Indians — not one.


Let's not forget the huge slave trade where Whites owned Blacks as subhumans. That doesn't excuse the Blacks in Africa who sold each other to the Whites either.


Let's not forget that women didn't have the federal vote until as late as 1920, not that women have done much better in helping to choose the shepherds.


Let's not forget that the U.S. imported many Nazis after WWII and that many of those continued their so-called scientific experiments for the U.S. government (utterly evil experiments that would be unspeakable and should be unthinkable were it not for the need for the people to wake up to the reality of the evil core of the U.S. system).


Let's not forget the MKULTRA program and all the other experiments on innocent and unsuspecting citizens. To what low has the U.S. government not been willing to stoop? It irradiated orphans just to see what would happen. It kidnapped children and bought them from poor, ignorant parents all in the name of national security. Those children were and still are considered expendable by the superrich and powerful who sought and seek ways to increase their wealth, power, and control.


Now we are informed by the Pew Research Center http://www.pewresearch.org/ that as of August 25, 2008, approximately 48% of the adult American population thinks honesty is not best.


The whole Bible is about seeking truth. It shows the errors deviating from that path. It shows the misconceptions about God. Pontius Pilate rhetorically asked Jesus, "What is truth." Jesus said, "I am the truth." He taught service and being what is considered last in this upside down, backwards world and that those who are such are therefore actually first in the right-side up and properly oriented world — the real world.


So, we had the false-flag operation that was 9/11 that no government has exhaustively investigated and that the U.S. government has deliberately covered up.


We have all the lies and deception to start the needless and senseless invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq. We have the attacks on Somalia that wasn't even debated anywhere. George W. Bush just did it on his own while the Somalis hadn't done a thing to America, unless depraved Americans simply wanted to lash out because certain Somalis took revenge for the murder of many of their tribal leaders who were meeting to come up with peace terms with the U.S.


We also have the Israeli "allies" mercilessly and savagely attacking Lebanon over a debatable event where the Lebanese say Israelis conducted military encroachments into Lebanon to start the conflict. The West was never given the full story. It was never properly investigated by the U.N. or any other formal and official international body, at least not in a way that resulted in a well publicized and definitive report. The Israelis were simply doing what the U.S. does, learned from all the imperialists who have gone before and from their own histories.


The current financial crisis also has come out from the same evil spirit that does not think honesty is the best policy, thinks torture is okay, thinks might makes right, and doesn't believe in a moral God but rather follows what is named Satan whether or not they claim to even believe in radical, spiritual, evil.

With all these things coming out, when is the tide going to change and change permanently for the better and even the best? When is humanity collectively going to learn the right path once and for all? When is humanity going to discard all the lies that attempt to suppress the truth about spirit — spirit incarnate?


Why are the people being so dull? Why don't they ask, seek, and knock and not backslide? Why do they want to be evil and then to whine against it in others?


We don't have to live under the status quo. We have been given the opportunity and capacity to change from greed, violence, and other forms of depravity (harm) to giving and sharing, total peace, and what is only beneficial. It is simply a choice.

Humans are not immutable. Those who don't want to change to righteousness have been spreading the lie that humans can not change. Theirs is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Well, the opposite is also self-fulfilling and it's the more powerful of the two. Humans are capable of radical change. That's root change. That's the message of Jesus. He's completely right about it.


Spirit is over matter, and the more people believe it, the more evident it becomes. That's what the powers don't want the common people to know. That's what they suppress so they may remain on top in their temporary, upside-down world.


The economy needs to be a giving-and-sharing-all economy. The Earth is one house in the end. It is one mansion in the house of God. It can and will be run accordingly. Everyone in it is family. That's the only right way to view it. The only right way to be toward family is loving in the sense Jesus means. That means telling the truth. It means telling the truth about evil so souls will have the clear and plain choice and so the whole family eventually will (the sooner the better) choose unselfishness and rather what is best for the whole. God is whole. That's the message. It necessarily includes forgiving and atoning but also admitting within of sinful behavior.

The economy, the way we run our house, needs to be the community barn-raising economy in all things and where the community collectively owns and cares for and makes consensus decisions about property (God's) and possessions with what is best for each and all in mind always. As the Bible says (paraphrased by the Marxists), to each according to need, and from each according to ability, not forced but voluntary service as Jesus showed. That's the right and only path. It's why Jesus said no one comes to the Father save by Jesus. He means his path. There are not two or more ways there. There is only this path I'm stating here. Everything else falls short.


We don't need any military. All the energies put into the utter stupidity that is military should be channeled into peaceful pursuits for the good of all.


We don't need to encourage sex but rather encourage thoughtfulness and care. The sex drive doesn't need encouragement. All the capitalist advertising that seeks to stimulate people sexually to get them to spend money so the purveyors can make a profit ought not to be. People need to rise above such low pursuits. It isn't wholesome. It is unhealthy. It leads to greater and greater errors. It is unbridled selfish appetite that ruins everything. Check it. Develop self-restraint. Develop a working conscience that informs you of the damage done by casting inhibition aside. Be harmless as doves. Don't be a sexual predator. That's not lovemaking in any sense.


The current worldly system is irreparable. No amount of patching it up will save it. It is fatally flawed. We are to start new. The new system advocated and demonstrated by Jesus is the way to proceed. We need to develop the sharing-all communities until they are everywhere. We need to do this regardless of the current system. We need to transform or regenerate from the current system to the new way.


The Christian Commons Project™ does this. It can spread and be duplicated. It is transitional. It is bottom-up and top-down that is leveling, per Jesus. It is not snapping our fingers. It is bringing forth in patience and perseverance.

The people must have the land (the Commons) returned to them to grow the food and to do all the other things on that land free of charge and taxes within. Eventually, the whole world will be such. This is doing what Jesus commands. There is nothing inconsistent in it with what Jesus teaches. God will smile. It is not usurping. It is not egotistical. It is not materialistic. It is not apart from God. It is not astray.

Tom Usher

About Tom Usher

Employment: 2008 - present, website developer and writer. 2015 - present, insurance broker. Education: Arizona State University, Bachelor of Science in Political Science. City University of Seattle, graduate studies in Public Administration. Volunteerism: 2007 - present, president of the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project.


  1. Avatar Thomas James says:

    I think that the economic crisis is a repeat of the great depression. During the 1920's we had the availability of cheap and easy credit that created a tremendous boom cycle. Although credit in the short term can create an economic boom in the long run businesses and households get overextended as time goes on a greater percentage of income goes to paying the debt. When this happens we have an economic bust because people have to cut back just in order to pay the bills. This results in unemployment and then people can no longer pay their bills so houses foreclose and banks fail.

    Today we are seeing a repeat of history. Recently easily available credit allowed consumers to purchase homes that they could not afford as well as gas guzzling SUV's, Harley Davidson motorcycles and expensive big screen home theatre systems. The argument was that since you the consumer work so hard why should you have to live in the ghetto, drive a dog to work and settle for entertainment on a crummy blurry analog television when you can become a Credit Man.

    The problem with all of this is that there is no concept of sharing. For example on my wifes side of the family it is customary for 2 families to go in on a house and these houses are not in the ghetto but are very nioe. But this is not American because every every red blooded American who is not a commie buys his or her OWN house, buys his or her OWN gas guzzling SUV and we are not like these South East Asians who cram 10 people in one house. And then I asked the question why does every American have to buy his very own unaffordable home theatre system when we can instead set up a community theatre with the very latest technology. I was then immediately rebuked and was told that socialism will never work because true Americans want to be able to choose which programs that they want to watch. The community kitchen proposal was also immediately rebuked as I was told that from now on I will be receiving all the resturaunt bills from my wifes family. I also was told that that people who live in communes want to depend on other people and they certainly do not depend on God and besides that I would have nothing to contribute to a commune because my only assets are a broken down house in the ghetto.

  2. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    @Thomas James -

    Hi Thomas,

    Your comment went to spam. I had to manually de-spam it.

    Home theaters aren't high on the list of priorities of the homeless and hungry.

    I just added a new article link at the top of the Christian Commons Project™ post.

    The antichrists ought to read it. There are hard working people who aren't paid enough to be able to eat or live in their own places. That condition is spreading too.

    It's too bad that some people don't become concerned and see the benefits of being less self-centered until financial troubles hit home.

    "I also was told that that people who live in communes want to depend on other people."

    Jesus said to serve as the least. How is that wanting to depend upon other people in some way that being an owner isn't? Who goes it alone? Are any of your relatives reclusive mountain men? I think that when they shop in the local grocery store, they aren't being rugged individualists. What's the difference between being paid and then paying versus doing things out of love in both directions? When your wife's family invites you over for dinner, are you presented with a bill afterwards? How distant does the relative have to be before they start making a gain off his need for food?

    They'll swallow their pride in a hurry when they need a handout.

    Who doesn't depend on God ever? God provided the land from where all of the naysayers get their sustenance. Human beings didn't create the Earth. Even the mountain men take what is given from God.

    I depend upon God fulltime. God gets the credit. Without God's support of all things, I wouldn't even be and neither would those who are negatively criticizing the Christian Commons, for that is what they are doing without even having taken the time to think it through.

    "I would have nothing to contribute to a commune because my only assets are a broken down house in the ghetto."

    If you have a backyard where you can grow some food that you share with others at no charge but simply out of the goodness in your heart, you've done more than all the greedy pigs in the world combined.

    People working farmland to grow food for all is not nothing.

    Where did the rich get what they have? Where are the Wall Street bankers getting what will keep them? They're getting off people with much, much less. The flow should be in the other direction. Then there would be the land where you could roll up your sleeves for the sake of all.

    Listen, the prophecy is that there will be plenty who die without ever having seen the light even though it's blindingly bright right in their shameful faces.

    I just left a comment the other day on a site where the fellow wrote about how it is a total waste of time and energy to argue with mockers. He's completely right.

    Anyone who is for selfishness over unselfishness will end up suffering under the standard of selfishness. That's just how it works. They can't see it. It's spiritual knowledge, and they are dead of the spirit.

    God bless the myopic.

    Tom Usher

    P.S. Don't you have a web address of any kind you'd like to link from here? I can do it retroactively on all your comments.

  3. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    @Thomas James - Hi Thomas,

    First of all, much of what you read on the Internet concerning the Kibbutzim is false propaganda. It is true though that the spirit of the Kibbutz is being killed in Israel. That doesn't speak ill of the concept of sharing and doing one's share. It speaks ill of the change in spirit to the dark side.

    The greediest ones want to kill the Kibbutz. They are trying very hard to do that. They will tell any lie to do it.

    Anyway, what are those capitalists saying about the current capitalist crash? Are they applying the same spotlight?

    If the capitalist system must be bailed out socialistically, via public money (taxes), then what is the difference?

    The Christian Commons Project™ is about heart. It's about seeing the light. It isn't about forcing everyone or anyone.

    The Kibbutzim are dying because the socialist Jews were coercive (militaristic), covetous of Palestinian land, and they rejected Jesus's teachings.

    The Christian Commons is not coercive and of course does not reject Jesus's teachings.

    Have you checked the other communes in the world? Have you read about the Hutterites for example?

    They were and are so successful that the government in Canada became nervous that the Hutterites would end up being able to buy up too much of the land thereby being in a position of forcing others to adhere to Hutterite principles or not be able to be competitive. There was a law for a while against Hutterites being able to buy any more land. That law was overturned though.

    This is not an endorsement of all things Hutterite. They are living proof though that communism not only does not automatically fail, it is better than capitalism.

    They are communists within a capitalist system — surrounded by capitalism.

    They don't though use all of their surpluses to feed the poor. They don't work on getting donations to expand. They are also Pauline Christians. The RLCC is different in those ways.

    The Hutterites are changing though. They are reaching out now more. They were afraid of more persecutions because their ancestors were murdered for being communists (Radical Reformationists) and pacifists by the greedy, violent capitalists.

    Let me know what you think after you've read some about their obvious successes in the capitalistic sense.

    The capitalists hate discussing them. I have yet to have one come there who has stuck around to discuss them. They don't want the world even knowing the Hutterites exist. That's because the capitalists are liars and cowards.

    God bless all.

    Tom Usher

  4. Avatar Thomas James says:

    I was reading several articles on the web that were calling the communist Kibbutz in Israel an abject failure and that they are finally making the move to capitalism in order to raise their living standards to an acceptable level. The writers claimed that the Kibbutz failed because there were too many free loaders abbusing the system and causing the Kibbutz to accumalate massive debts which could not be repaid. On further reflection I suppose that if the reason why people join a Kibbutz is because they think it is merely a country club and an efficient way for rich or middle class people to pool their resources then I suppose if the motivation for the Kibbutz were of selfish intentions then there would be a lot of resentment for any support of lower class people who they would feel to be a drag on their community yet these lower class people would have the same priveleges as everyone else. But didn't Jesus say that when you feed the poor that you should not expect them to pay you back?

  5. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:


    Israel Poverty Worst in Western World

    The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) faults Israel's tax policy.

    So, Israel is getting $3 to 4 billion a year from the U.S. (will that continue now that there are so many Americans entering into poverty?) and has per-capita earnings of some $23-24 thousand per year (way above all the other nations that get economic aid from America), but it ranks below Mexico in income fairness.

    The original socialist-Zionists were closer to God even though many of them were atheists.

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