"These measures are not intended to take over the free market but to preserve it," Bush said. What a bunch of double talk that is. Welfare recipients are what then? There are corporate-welfare recipients, and then there are real people.

There is no free market. There is only the top usurers (worldly plutocrats) playing the booms and busts they create.

Smoke and mirrors and voodoo economics are apt expressions here.

What's free about the market? Corporate consolidations are continuing and speeding up. The media giants went from more than 50 when I was a kid to 5 or 6. It's a horizontal and vertical monopoly by virtue of all the interlocking directorates of rabid, unbridled capitalists.

Everything they are doing is being borrowed off future wages of average workers. That's because there are no savings in the U.S., as planned.

Understand that so far, the equity position being offered to the general American population is nonvoting and pays a dividend and not a share of profits. That means that as the average worker slaves away to pay his or her taxes, those taxes go to currently solvent banks so that the banks stock values will go through the roof for current shareholders. Who holds the most shares in the biggest, solvent banks? The richest of the rich of course hold them. Who gets astronomically richer relative to the rest just as you've been told here on this website if you've been a consistent reader?

The superrich will soon be calling for government spending cuts for social services to better reduce the budget deficit. Then they'll ask to raise interest rates to keep unemployment high and to slow inflation. This is serfdom. That's what capitalism is. It's the road to serfdom.

Look, the temporary mundane way out is to dramatically raise taxes on the rich until they maybe have no more than 4 times the average worker, radically cut military spending (close the foreign bases — all of them — and bring home the troops), and hugely increase public works (infrastructure) projects using government paid workers.

Full employment
A guaranteed living wage
Housing projects owned by those living there
Cooperative farms owned by those farming them
Local councils deciding by consensus of all the workers

It's called family and community.

Of course, if you want to start down the road to the permanent solution, there's the Christian Commons Project™.

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