So, the White House, and not just Justice Department lawyers, signed off on illegal interrogation methods. We all knew that the White House had held meetings where top cabinet members agreed that they were authorizing certain torture methods. We've all heard then Attorney General Ashcroft's statement that "history will not judge this [torture decision] kindly." Now, the Washington Post has officially published that there exists at least two likewise official White House memos to the CIA authorizing waterboarding (an illegal practice under U.S. and international law).
(Source: White House memos endorsed CIA waterboarding: report
Wed Oct 15, 3:44 AM ET

Now, you have Joe Biden going about saying that one ought never to question anyone's motives. That's nonsense. Just because someone has risen up in the U.S. system does not place that one on some sort of untouchable pedestal. Of course, one is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Even then, the RLCC doesn't advocate punishment but rather rehabilitation. There are those things though that cry out about the original motives of perpetrators.

The Iraq invasion and occupation were and are the unquestionably result of covetousness. Dick Cheney called Middle Eastern oil "the prize." The motive was to grab control of the oil and to deny others. It was selfishness. The motive was, and remains, selfishness. That's the truth. Joe Biden is wrong to cover over or to miss the motive for what it is: Evil.

What were the motives of those who allowed and facilitated 9/11? Empire is the answer. What were the motives of those who lied and lied and lied to get the U.S. public to allow the invasion of Iraq? Dick Cheney specifically said that the U.S. must turn to the dark side. In that case, you don't need to question his motives. You know his motives. He's said them outright: To bring forth the "dark side." Covetousness comes out from the dark.

What bad leadership to call upon the people to turn selfishly to grabbing resources and turning to the devil. What kinds of people keep an admitted, proselytizing demon in office? Look in the mirror if you follow Dick Cheney. You'll see a demon looking back at you.

What are the motives of those who counsel and accede to torture? They don't torture in Heaven. The torturers aren't angels of light. They can pretend to be, but their actions and results give them away for the fallen angels of darkness they have become.

Such things as false-flag operations, invasions, occupations, and torture have not made the world safer or more secure. They have made the world a harder, uglier, more dreadful place — more Hellish. Only overcoming such things will make the world safe and secure.

Hitler said that the German men must have cold eyes. Think about that.

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