The notion that there will be a quick fix will disappear very quickly. There will be no quick fix, because the greedy will definitely not turn to giving and sharing in any meaningful way. They want to be bailed out. They want to take from the poor to keep themselves afloat. They do not want to spread the burden and turn from their wicked ways, yet.

More and more though, the common people will see that the superrich are moral idiots. The common people will see that the only right way has always been the giving and sharing political economy. They will see that greed, violence, and sexual depravity are nothing but selfish pursuits that ruin everything.

More and more people voluntarily will turn to giving and sharing to bring forth the Christian Commons, to total pacifism, and to sexual harmlessness. Unselfishness is the path.

You don't have to be a Fundamentalist to agree with the teachings of Jesus. In fact, the Fundamentalists and mundane literalists have never understood.


There will be no rapture of the Fundamentalists. There can not be. The truth does not ever come to those who are selfish and who do not promote the real message of Jesus. The Fundamentalists and self-styled literalists have never promoted what Jesus says to do. They have never brought forth. Jesus has never revealed himself to them. They don't know him. Only those bringing forth, advocating it, working for it, can ever see Jesus.

To have the law written on one's heart is to love the concept of the Christian Commons and to help to bring it forth.

Understand, the Commons is not mine alone. It is mine with all those who will share it completely with each other. That fits perfectly with the message of Jesus if you will truly read it, if you will read it in honesty instead of twisting it to avoid the clear, full implications.

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