Oh, the "liberal" (not really) Baptists are great at telling the self-styled conservatives that those conservatives are ignoring Jesus when it comes to the subject of torture (in light of the Golden Rule), but those self-styled liberals turn a blind eye to Jesus themselves when it comes to the issue of homosexuality and fornication and marriage. Jesus is very clear that he opposes fornication, and since fornication is sex outside marriage and homosexuals can not be married as Jesus uses the term, it is incontrovertible that Jesus holds against homosexual behavior. Besides, homosexual behavior is harmful to those involved. ("Homosexuals: What they ignore.") It spreads its harm. How could Jesus ever be in favor of that? It's not practicing the Golden Rule to be practicing homosexuality; therefore, "liberals," be consistent. Quit pointing to the hypocrisy of the conservatives while ignoring your own. Learn real ethics. Don't make it up as you go along to suit your selfishness.

The liberal Baptists are correct that the majority of conservatives (especially Southern, Evangelical Baptists) have been ignoring Jesus when it comes to torture. They've been ignoring him when it comes to greed, selfishness, violence, sex, and quite frankly, everything. How can I say this? Well, even while individuals among them do turn to Jesus intermittently, in general, they turn away more often.

Neither the liberals nor conservatives (misnomers both) have been bringing forth even when given the clear and plain opportunity. It's very sad.

Even though the liberals do more calling for giving and sharing, they call for more coercion to get it done. That goes against Jesus as well.

Now, plenty of the "top" liberal and conservative so called intellectuals come here and read what I'm writing. They then go on their way trying desperately to pretend they never saw it. They continue on being highly selective in applying the Golden Rule and all the rest of Jesus's teachings. They don't have the courage to leave comments here either agreeing or attempting to refute my position that comes directly from God on this.

This will not work. Either you apply them as consistently and honestly as you can, or you're willfully sinning. There is no way out of this, and I'm glad about it and sick about those souls who aren't.

Partial Source: Poll: On torture, evangelicals not looking to Bible, doctrine
By Robert Marus
Thursday, 11 September 2008

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