The topic of Joe the plumber came up in the last comment on this site by Thomas James. Joe the plumber is how people are referring to someone John McCain brought up in the last presidential debate. John said that Joe penciled out potentially buying the plumbing business he's been working for as an employee but under the Barack Obama tax plan where taxes would go up for those making $250,000 or more, Joe claims, according to John, that he wouldn't be able to make a profit or buy the business. It becomes somewhat muddle beyond that. I won't speculate.

In response to Thomas's comment, I mentioned two central things (not in defense of Barack Obama's tax plan). The first thing I mentioned is universal, single-payer healthcare. I didn't use that exact description, but that's what it would amount to. The second thing I mentioned is the military budget that is spread across the whole budget in a way that is deceptive. The military costs are much higher than the figure given out by the federal government as the Pentagon budget. I mentioned that Joe's business costs would be hugely decreased by nationalized healthcare or socialized medicine if that's how you would rather label it. Also, if all the military bases were closed and all the troops were to come home, it would be another huge savings.

Now, let me add that if the taxes were increased on the superrich and then reduced on the lower class and middle class, Joe's workers would be richer. They would be in a better position to hire plumbers such as Joe's company. Joe needs to factor that into his calculations.

I don't believe taxes or currency is the way. My vision is of a society that is moneyless and taxless. My vision is for humanity to view everyone as a full family member and that none would be charged for coming to the table to eat and that all would be instilled with a real family values ethic of pitching in (working) for the benefit of one and all. That's the message inherent in Jesus's words, and I stand by it.

We don't need a medium of exchange between people who aren't out to make a gain off one another or aren't out to withhold from those who cannot recompense them.

We need to rise above the sickening greed and corruption that has caused not only this latest economic crash but also every crash throughout history and every war and every crime and every bit of abuse on every level.

Joe the plumber doesn't need to be a boss. He doesn't need employees he'll order around. That's not the spirit that will save humanity or the world. It won't bring peace or prosperity or good health. He needs to serve and to be served. He needs to serve all and to be served by all. He doesn't need to be richer than the next guy, and the next guy doesn't need to be richer than Joe.

It doesn't matter the talents or gifts one has. That one doesn't deserve more for having been given more to begin with. What that one needs is heart, softening of the heart, compassion, sympathy, and empathy. That's the strait gate and the narrow way.

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