No one should not be able to afford a home. What is it to be able to afford a home? What does it say when anyone can't afford a home? What is the term "afford"? What system has created this concept? Is it good or evil?

Who owns the land upon which to build or have a home? Who controls the system such that others must do as they are told (right or wrong things to do) if they are to be allowed a place to live without others gaining at their negative expense? Who decides what work is worthy enough to merit a home?

There are people saying that the homeless don't deserve a home, because they aren't earning enough or aren't working hard enough, etc. What about those who are working very hard? Why can't they "afford" a home?

The answer is the greed and selfishness of those who live higher by holding others down so those others will be forced, coerced, into servitude to those higher up (higher up by the twisted ethic of the selfish and greedy only).

This is no way to treat fellow human beings.

There are those who complain that those who want the giving and sharing economy simply want to depend upon others. Well, what human being is born into this world independent such that he or she needs nothing? No one is born that way.

Everyone is born unable to sit up or even to rollover. Everyone is born at the mercy of those who are older and have the means and ability to give that upon which each depends. When does this ever stop? It doesn't.

Everyone, even those who are older and have been given, or have taken, the said means is still dependent upon the system and upon God's nature (natural system) God provides.

The idea that anyone stands alone on his or her own is asinine. It is the height of ego for anyone to imagine that he or she fits the idea of total independence and self-reliance.

We are all family. We ought to see to it that each and every family member is cared for. We each ought to serve that cause. If we all do that, not one human being will be without the whole family's best effort concerning him or her.

Is that humanism apart from God? Of course it is not. As I said, God provides the natural system in which we all exist no matter how technological we think we are.

Sure, technology can be disconnecting from the natural system. On balance, it has caused more problems than it has solved. Why is that? It is solely on account of the selfishness of some of those who bring forth technological innovations.

Down through the centuries, communities perfected technologies that were appropriate to the natural surroundings such that they did not result in any pollution. Think about that.

All human technology must be reevaluated in light of that truth. Many humans are moving in that intelligent direction. They are extremely concerned about posterity and the environment posterity will inherit and rightly so.

All the moves to consistent environmentalism are good. Anti-war is environmental. Anti-violence, greed, selfishness, and harm are all environmental. Consider it.

We need to create an environment, to bring forth, such that everyone has the highest quality existence possible. That's the Golden Rule. Who can doubt it?

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