Barr Gets Smacked Down
The Texas Supreme Court makes a decision about Obama and McCain's right to be on the ballot after missing the deadline.
by RS Davis
Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm not a secular Libertarian, but if the report is correct, the decision of the Texas Supreme Court to ignore Texas law concerning Obama and McCain missing the deadline to be on the ballot in Texas is blatant illegality by that court.

If this were reversed and either the Republicans or Democrats motioned the court to deny Barr a place on the ballot for missing a deadline if he had in fact missed it, the court would not allow Barr to be on the ballot. Now why is that? It's called political favoritism. That's mundane governmental corruption.

The judges who decided this don't give a damn that the people know it either. That's because they know that the people are vastly members of those two parties (Democrat or Republican) and that the people's dishonesty is reflected by their parties and the court itself. That's rights.

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