The following linked article is written by an economist with the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. He's an Austrian School disciple. The Austrian School is as laissez-faire as you will find, next to Christianity.

The article is to the point, if one believes Ludwig von Mises was the best judge of economics (or how to run — organize the affairs of — the household that is the Earth). What it is missing is the alternative form of socialism that is not centrally planned. The self-styled laissez-faire (capitalists) advocates always ignore the alternative form of socialism that is grassroots and consensus oriented. They do that, because they have no "principled" arguments against it. It works, and they don't like that. If they don't bring it up, fewer people will think about it as an alternative.

A Move towards Market Socialism
Daily Article by D.W. MacKenzie | Posted on 10/22/2008
Ludwig von Mises Institute

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