Well, let's see. So far, we've had the following:

  1. People breaking into ACORN and stealing their computers
  2. ACORN

    ACORN is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. It advocates for the poor, so the rich and greedy hate it. They register the poor to vote, so the rich and greedy economic predators hate it. It also advocates for ethnic minorities, so the racist, ethnic bigots hate it. It is a strong and growing movement, so Karl Rove says to his minions to attack it (attack the poor at their strongest point to dupe the ignorant and to increase hardheartedness — antichrist).

    The RLCC isn't a member of ACORN. The RLCC is not working within the secular governmental system to change it from within. The secular government is in capable of bringing forth. It is fatally flawed.

  3. People phoning and threatening Democrats

  4. Computer hacking of the Ohio Secretary of State's website
  5. The Ohio Secretary of State is now a Democrat. She has been working to correct the evil work done by her Republican predecessor in stealing the last election for George W. Bush and the Republicans. That theft is documented. The evidence is sufficient for a mundane, secular court decision against the Republican Party.

    MARK CRISPIN MILLER: Well, you've referred to a couple of them already. We now see a burst of vote flipping by machines, electronic voting machines in a couple of states. This is something that we saw in at least eleven states in the 2004 election, hundreds and hundreds of people coming forward to say, "I pushed the button for Kerry, and the button for Bush lit up." So, clearly, this was a systematic programming decision by the people in charge of the machines, which in that case and this one is the Republican Party. We're also seeing systematic shortages of working voting machines in Democratic precincts only. This is also something that did not happen only in Ohio in 2004, but happened nationwide. That election was, in fact, stolen.

    AMY GOODMAN: How do you know that?

    MARK CRISPIN MILLER: Well, I know because there's been an audit of the vote in eighteen counties of Ohio by a researcher named Richard Hayes Phillips, who had his team literally scrutinize every single ballot that was warehoused in eighteen Ohio counties. They took over 30,000 digital photographs. This is not speculation, Amy. This is a meticulous, careful, specific and conclusive demonstration that John Kerry actually won some 200,000 votes in those eighteen counties only that were taken away from him. Bush's official victory margin, you may recall, was about 118,000. So there is no question about it. Ohio was stolen.

    AMY GOODMAN: When they-OK, so they have the pictures of all these-

    MARK CRISPIN MILLER: Pictures, there's a CD with this book that you can-

    AMY GOODMAN: But they have the pictures of the ballots.

    MARK CRISPIN MILLER: Of the variously altered, mutilated ballots, yes. Ballots with stickers placed over the square that people had blacked in for Kerry/Edwards; somebody else blacks in Bush/Cheney. Thousands and thousands of ballots that were pre-marked before they were distributed, so that people would mark different boxes on them, and then they would be invalidated.

    Even more chilling is the fact that after Phillips did his research, the boards of elections in fifty-five Ohio counties destroyed all or some of their ballots in defiance of a court order. So we have criminal behavior here of a kind of grand and systematic kind. But the point is-not to engage in what Sarah Palin calls finger-pointing backwards, the point here is to note that we're dealing with a consistent pattern of subversive behavior by the Republican Party since 2000 and extending all the way up to the present. What we're seeing now is an especially brazen and diverse range of dirty tricks and tactics that are being used both to suppress the vote and also to enable election fraud.


    October 22, 2008
    Early Voting Sees Reports of Voter Intimidation, Machine Malfunctions


  6. Republicans yelling at mostly Black voters waiting to vote in North Carolina
  7. That's illegal by the way.

  8. People having their tires slashed at Obama rallies

  9. People at McCain and Palin rallies yelling "terrorist" and "kill him" about Obama
  10. That's illegal too.


    Republicans have become increasingly strident. They don't show nearly as much refinement as they used to. Manners can be a cover, and there is a place and time to be direct. Jesus was at times extremely direct and came off even to his closest disciples as offensive. They didn't understand the time-and-place aspect. Jesus was directed by the movement within of the Holy Spirit. It's an emotional thing that guides reason and logic. However, we aren't even talking here about the right time and place for in-your-face honesty. We're talking about in-your-face dishonesty on the part of these particular Republicans.

  11. Republicans in high places and low saying Obama is an Arab and a Muslim and a Socialist (none of which is true)
  12. Published on Thursday, October 16, 2008 by CommonDreams.org

    The Little Lie, and How It Grewh
    by David Benjamin

    It's too bad Barack Obama isn't a real socialist/communist, as Jesus was. We need all of those we can get. Anyone who is against communism is against Jesus — is antichrist.

  13. McCain especially complaining about ACORN without presenting any substantiating evidence against them
  14. ACORN turned in flagged registration forms as required by law.

    The Republicans to my knowledge have yet to produce any evidence of people voting who shouldn't have or voting twice or anything of the kind. Besides, they are claiming widespread fraud by ACORN. Where is the evidence? Substantiate your allegations.


    This is the same group that said they'd be supplying the evidence against Iraq just as soon as they could get in there after invading: Liars! The evidence never came. This is the same group that levels accusation after accusation against Iran and says evidence is forthcoming but then later doesn't produce the evidence. This is called the Big Lie tactic. Hitler loved using it.

  15. Cases of Republicans faking that they are registering Latino voters misleading those people outside motor vehicle divisions into thinking they are registered to vote when they are not

  16. Earlier voters having their votes switched right in front of them while using touch screen voting
  17. So far, it's all been in districts controlled by Republicans. This is going to backfire on them more than they've ever imagined. Every case so far has been in one direction only from Obama to McCain. That's not what people consider a mere coincidence.

  18. A man physically attacking a female Obama-canvasser

  19. A Republican Congress woman calling Obama "anti-American"
  20. He's an American. The term American means whatever Americans are doing, individually and collectively. There are communist-Americans. I am an American. I am a communist (Christian). That's American therefore by definition.

  21. Shortages of ballots for Democrats

  22. Longer lines for earlier voting for Democrats

  23. Total exaggerations about Barack Obama and Bill Ayers while completely ignoring John McCain and G. Gordon Liddy and McCain's other problems such as with his phonied-up and covered-up service record and his wife's inheritance that came out from the Jewish Mafia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Mafia & "FOLLOW THE MCCAIN MONEY TO THE JEWISH MOB"http://www.realliberalchristianchurch.org/2008/08/17/follow-the-mccain-money-to-the-jewish-mob.html)

    I don't raise this in the spirit of malicious gossip. It isn't what people term a false-rumor regardless. The reason to raise this is so people will turn away from evil. It is not to judge or condemn. Forgiveness and mercy are the qualities we all need within and from other toward us. That's the message of Jesus, and I support it wholeheartedly. John McCain and Barack Obama do not. Neither is a Christian.

    It seems very strange that even after Barack Obama said a Republican friend of McCain, the Annenberg Foundation, brought Obama and Ayers into the same room, McCain's group continues pushing the Bill Ayers thing.


    This tactic of Karl Rove has backfired, because the opposition can respond instantly via the Internet and does in ways that just wasn't happening on such a scale even two years ago. This trend will only geometrically accelerate unless the U.S. locks down the Internet and deliberately censors free political speech, something that will happen if the fascists get their way.

  25. Lies to out-of-state college students attending in Virginia about what would happen if they registered to vote there


This is all horrendously bad behavior by the Republicans. It's really low class in the moral sense. All of it is hugely hypocritical. The Republicans are guilty to some degree and in one sense or another of all or nearly all of the things they complain about. I hate it.


As I wrote a couple of posts ago, this is extremely dangerous and reckless behavior. The Republicans are working to ignite a powder keg. It will blow up in their faces. Their behavior is clinically insane.

The last two elections were ceded by the candidates and not by the voters. Al Gore and John Kerry rolled over. They did not fight for their voters' rights. Barack Obama is not going to rollover, and his voters will be uncontrollable if he is denied victory by devious means.

The fact is that if the Republicans persist and Bush doesn't declare martial law or if he does but can't make it stick, the Republican Party will probably be history. It will probably fall apart never to be resurrected.


This is just amazing how insulated and out of touch Karl Rove has become. He just has fallen way behind. He has no appreciation for the computer and Internet and the huge numbers of young people who keep flooding in as they age just a year or two. They are instant communicators. They are magnitudes of order faster than Karl Rove and Karl's operatives.


Karl Rove's strategy and tactics always come down to one approach: Attack the opponent's strength. So, when the Democrats have clear evidence that Republicans stole the last two presidential elections and other elections, Rove's immediate act is to attack Democrats for stealing elections. You can go through all of the various positions McCain is pushing and see this approach slightly qualified by McCain, who can't get rid of his non-Rove upbringing. His father and grandfather would be appalled and ashamed of him.

What it is, is the decision not only not to move away from hypocrisy but to embrace it as a tool to gain evil power. It is about as antichrist as one can get.


Sure, there are people who will say that even for Christians, all is fair in the war, whether it be the war in Iraq and the like or the spiritual war. However, that is not Jesus's teaching. Jesus hates what Karl Rove has done and is still pushing. I hate it too, of course.

Karl is lost in the Christian sense of the term "lost." I would much rather that it were not so. I would much rather that Karl would turn all of his brain cells to working on what would bring forth exactly what Jesus literally commanded, if you are willing to bow down to righteousness for its sake.

I love the idea of bowing down to righteousness for its sake. Why doesn't everyone? Why doesn't Karl? What's his hang-up? Why can't he stop being selfish and an apostate therefore? God can transform the very matter of his brain if he will just take the first step and then continue on.

Well, people are on to Karl's approach. His approach is transparent. It isn't working anymore. It's indefensible. He's exposed himself as being with the dark side. That side loses and has already lost, Karl, and for good reason.


It is doubly sad that people who publicly profess Christianity are behind the computer fraud stealing elections. They are not Christians, of course, but they are people who claim to be stealing elections for a greater good that is the so-called conservative-Republican Fundamentalist/Evangelical ideology, which is fraught with partial truths.


Do I want riots to occur? I absolutely do not want that. I do not want the Republicans cheating, but how can they help it without seeing the light. They are so blind. It is such a dark, dark time.

I'm not an Obama "supporter" any more than I'm a McCain supporter. I support Jesus's call to them and to everyone to convert. Obama is on the wrong path. Paths are relative to the right path, but even the slightest deviation will prevent one from arriving at the right destination. That's why Jesus stresses that his is the one and only path. I believe him.


What's going on is that certain self-styled Zionists (twisted version of Zion) are leading the pack against their arch enemy the Muslims, their close cousins by mundane blood. The Zionists do as much as they possibly can to get U.S. foreign policy to be as interventionist as possible for the sake of the Zionist Project.

Now, there are those who conflate the Zionism of Herzl with Jewishness (to use the vague term many Herzl-Zionists favor so much for their cover). I do not conflate the two. To be a Jew is definitely not necessarily to be a Herzl/Jabotinsky Zionist (political Zionism that under Jabotinsky included even overt terrorism and evil — from the dark side — regardless of whether it's covert or overt). To be opposed to Herzl/Jabotinsky Zionism is definitely not necessarily to be anti-Jewish.

In fact, Jesus was and is a real Jew in God's language. There were just many Jews who refused to follow him to the real Promised Land. This is not the language of the secularists who say American or anti-American or un-American of fellow Americans. This is a different context. This is the divine context in which Jesus also spoke.

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