The last chance [ostensibly legally] for the State of Georgia to murder Troy Davis is now in the past. That may sound like wishful thinking to some, but it is not. out of nine witnesses who gave evidence at his trial in 1991 have recanted or changed their testimony, which was the backbone of the prosecution's case in the absence of a murder weapon, fingerprints and DNA.

Other witnesses have since identified another man as the shooter — a state's witness who testified against Davis.

Another 11th-hour stay for US death row inmate Troy Davis
by Karin Zeitvogel – Fri Oct 24, 3:00 pm ET

Now, that's it. That's enough. It's why the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals couldn't ignore Davis's lawyers. The system has no choice [ethically and legally] but to give him a new trial. With a new trial, he'll end up being freed.


U.S. District Judge, William T. Moore Jr., in Evil, Insane ruling declares Troy Davis can't have a new trial |

"reasonable juror", given new evidence, could not have concluded Troy Davis was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt….. #

US Supreme Court cowardly not to hear Troy Davis case: "Davis' new evidence casts…doubt on his conviction"….. #

Death-Row prisoner Troy Davis' sister, Martina Correia, appalled by US Supreme Court ruling… . #

I liked a @YouTube video….. Troy Davis 2011 — No Man is an Island #

Take Action for Troy Davis!

Unfortunately, the state of Georgia appears to be moving forward with changes to its lethal injection protocol, which will allow it to resume setting execution dates. An execution date for Troy Davis seems inevitable, but his execution is NOT. A number of approaches to stopping the execution are in the works, and YOU CAN HELP!

Earlier this week, a major supporter announced himself via his artwork.  Learn about artist Chaz Guest, see his painting of Troy, and link to the new video on our site at

Recently, a sign-on letter for murder victim family members was launched. Murder victim family members, please click here.

If you live anywhere near Savannah, visit the web site of Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty to learn about the canvassing effort to gather signatures of residents of the county that sent Troy to death row.

The "One Million Tweets for Troy!" effort is raising greater awareness about the fact that Georgia seems ready to execute a man despite serious questions of his guilt. If you are active on Twitter, click here now.

Ask your clergy to sign the letter from religious leaders, ask legal professionals to sign the letter from the legal community, and more. Get it all at

Also, Click here to "Like" NCADP's Troy Davis Facebook page.

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