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Keep Religion Away From the Ballot,
By Larry Beinhart
October 25, 2008 — "The Albany Times-Union"

In that article, Larry Beinhart goes on about how the framers of the Constitution and others were for the separation of Church and state. He quotes George Washington, as if Washington was ever some guiding light. Washington was a slave owner. He was interested in building up his estate. He did set limits upon himself. That though doesn't render him the leading personality of history whose example we should all follow.

The U.S. Constitution does not even hint that individual voters should not vote with their religions in mind.

I'm not a supporter of the U.S. Constitution. I'm not for its violent overthrow either. I'm for each person arriving at the point where he or she has the New Commandment written on his or her heart. That's my Constitution: The New Commandment. It's vastly better than the Constitution Larry's talking about.

By the way, that Constitution of Larry's guarantees my right to hold my position about it. My Constitution guarantees too, only the best, not just a more perfect union but the perfect union. Larry's Constitution won't get anyone there.

Tom Usher

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