Police fear riots if Barack Obama loses US election
US police fear riots could break out if John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, wins the election next month.
By Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles
Last Updated: 7:51AM BST 24 Oct 2008

2008/10/22: I posted WILL THE PLUTOCRATS RISK VIOLENT REVOLUTION IN THE U.S.? in which I warned that many people would be extremely angry if the Republicans steal another election.

2008/10/24: I posted WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE REPUBLICANS? THEY'RE GOING STARK RAVING MAD, OR THEY JUST AREN'T HIDING THAT THEY ALREADY WERE where I listed some of the dirty tricks that are already occurring under the cover of "plausible deniability." Actually, it isn't plausible but rather ignored and uninvestigated crime. That's because the perpetrators are the supposed law-enforcers.

We know though that George W. Bush interprets the Constitution and other laws how ever he damn well feels. He's the dictator for his two terms he stole with the aid of all of his cronies and most of his supporters who truly know that he is a liar. They just don't care so long as he's lying so they may have more regardless of who has less and why. They are the "might makes right" crowd. They are the "my country right or wrong" crowd. They are the closet Satanists who believe that it fine to lie and cheat so long as it's for them. They actually try to dupe themselves into believing that God is on their side in their lying and cheating. Woe to them I say as a warning for their sakes. Heed and turn before you face your god, Satan, who will sift you as wheat.

Well, no sooner than I had written those posts, the news started coming out that the law-enforcers (so-called) are planning to control crowds. Well, if the people really get angry for the first time in my lifetime, there could be serious violence and I don't mean all one-sided where the police just beat up protesters. I mean there could be some serious urban warfare the likes of which has never been seen in the U.S.

That of course will be the direct result of all the evil policies and practices of the Republican Party over the last eight years in particular although the Democrats certainly won't be completely innocent.

No one should riot. No one should injure or kill others. No one should damage property.

People haven't been handled properly by their fellows. Many people have been kicked around and feel that it's getting to the point where they have nothing to lose. They're wrong, but the opposition is even more wrong for pushing things to this point. There is no excusing either side, but the dirty tricksters have been the driving force behind this. They think they are immune to the wrath. They aren't.

The most important thing is truth. The truth is that violence is not a solution regardless of which side uses it. There is no right of the so-called state to have a monopoly on violence. It has no right to use violence anymore than the people in general have that right. All resorting to violence is nothing more than evil even if different sides can have more responsibility for causing sin.

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