People are rushing to U.S. Treasury bonds. They are doing what people used to do prior to recessions. The problem though is that the underlying position of the U.S. economy used to be much better. Right now, it is anything but sound.

Plowing money into U.S. bonds is a mistake. It is betting on the U.S. economy's (taxpayers and laborers) ability to make good on those bonds. Unfortunately, the George W. Bush administration in conjunction with predators on Wall Street have made that impossible short of the U.S. going to war and simply taking what it wants. However, the underlying strength of the U.S. to sustain such a pillaging campaign is highly unlikely short of deep foreign pockets willing to finance such an effort. Any financiers though would want huge profits as their cut of the plunder.

In addition, the rest of the world is not as weak as it used to be relative to the likeliest backers. China and Japan actually have the most liquidity. Neither is going to underwrite a U.S. war against China's or Japan's interests. In fact, East Asia is this very moment working up plans where it will dictate many terms to the West. Think about that, you racists who thought the "little, yellow, slope heads in pajamas" would always be licking your boots.

This is not to say that the plutocrats of plutocrats aren't still calling the shots. They are. They set this up to play out their long-term plan. They want more power. That's what they work to solidify.

Let me tell you what will end up happening. The whole thing will be written off. The superrich know this. They knew it before they started the whole thing. What they are doing is fracturing people and nations so they may move in as saviors given more power and control. It's what the proverbial Satan does.

What they are doing is trying to make this whole thing appear soooo complicated. It isn't complicated at all.

Look, decisions could have been made long ago such that what is happening now never would have happened. It would be easy if we were dealing with honest people. The difficulty lies entirely with the fact that there are so many basically dishonest people in high places. They got there by dishonesty. The system itself is based upon dishonesty. Dishonest people set it up so in the past.

The only way out is for the dishonest to convert to honesty. That would require the U.S. to stop glorifying crime, violence, and depraved sex and the like throughout its pop culture of course. Are the people up to the challenge? Are they ready to make the personal sacrifices of their selfish lusts for the sake of the whole? I call upon them to do that.

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