The linked article (Palin The Wealth Spreader: Gov. Imposed Oil Windfall Profits Tax To Allow Alaskans To 'Share In The Wealth') points out that Sarah Palin "spread the wealth" in Alaska while she's attacking Barack Obama for wanting to do what she has done.

Sarah Palin's oil industry windfall profits tax goes right into the general revenue of Alaska and is then redistributed to all Alaskans. That's redistribution of wealth. It's what Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela with the oil companies there. It's what Evo Morales has done in Bolivia. Palin calls Chavez a dictator even though he was elected under a process with vastly more integrity than in the U.S.

Anyway, she's caught being totally hypocritical. If she's condemning Barack Obama for wanting to spread the wealth, if she's called him on promoting socialist tenets, then she's condemned herself and promotes socialist tenets. There's no escaping that.

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