Many anti-abortionists believe that life begins at the moment of conception. Many believe that the soul is actually created at that moment. The egg and seed are alive before that though. Jesus says he has been (existed) since the beginning with God. His soul he says was not created at the moment of conception but is rather eternal — has existed for infinity. There was never a time when he was not, and that includes before what people call the Big Bang. For Jesus, time is not limited to Einsteinian time-space. Time is more than that. The term "time" includes that which transcends what is thought of as Einsteinian time-space. It does not say that, that time-space is invalid within Einstein's context. However, this post is about the issue of terrorism, abortion, war, and hypocrisy.

There are Democrats and others who have pointed out that Sarah Palin has deemed some actions of Bill Ayers (aka William Ayers) terrorism while she has hesitated to likewise deem abortion-clinic bombers as also being terrorists. Those Democrats mostly raise this as an example of Palin's hypocrisy.

I've seen Mike Whitney's posed question for instance concerning Ayer's actions put into the context of Ayers fighting against the murderous bombing of innocent peasants in Vietnam by people such as John McCain.

Palin balks at deeming abortion-clinic bombers terrorists, because the entities (lives if you hold with life at conception) those bombers are seeking to protect are held by those bombers to be innocent. People who take innocent life deserve to be bombed to stop them is the rationale. So, if she makes allowances for abortion-clinic bombers who believe they are working to stop evil or sin that is the taking of innocent lives, then Whitney's point is that whatever difference there is between the abortion clinic and the Vietnam War, there is still the taking of innocent lives. In other words, why is the life of the fertilized egg (left to the vagaries of nature not deliberately tampered with by we humans) something sacrosanct but only in certain locales?

The many pregnant women whom John McCain and his comrades in arms killed were carrying implanted fertilized eggs in the same way women are carrying them who enter abortion clinics for abortions. If bombing the clinic isn't terrorism, why is bombing John McCain's jet or military base or the White House from whence came the orders or the U.S. Capitol from whence the funding was channeled to murder the innocent pregnant women of Vietnam and of course their fetuses not also terrorism. The fact is that it was terrorism. There is no doubt that John McCain was terrorizing the Vietnamese peasants.

This is not comparing apples and oranges as if they are the same. The arguments for war and for abortion are very similar. They boil down to what is perceived as some greater good or the avoidance of, or elimination of, some problem that would otherwise arise. Each lacks faith in righteousness. Each lays claim to righteousness.

It cuts both ways. If bombing the women is wrong, then aborting the fetus (also foetus) is wrong for the same reason. There are complicating, mundane issues surrounding both. Honest people will look at the positions on both sides just as far as the people on all sides want to give them in a truly conversational manner.

If you are not a Christian, let me state that Christianity is not simply about the mundane, even though there are people calling themselves Christians who don't deal with anything beyond the mundane. The real Christian though is definitely spiritual and definitely knows (is certain) that spirit is over matter — that God can correct every problem.

I won't go into the question now of why God doesn't just instantly provide everyone with Heaven. God's method of teaching isn't to give individual humans and the whole of humanity instant Godliness. To know all is to know the infinite in all directions — good and bad. That is reserved on a need to know basis based upon trustworthiness. Earn it, and you'll receive that grace-filled condition. I'm working on it (asking, seeking, knocking, bringing forth) under God for righteousness' sake.

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