Hundreds and likely thousands of children are forced into prostitution in the U.S. by adult prostitutes and pimps. (Many such prostitutes and pimps were recently caught by the FBI.) It is for this reason that the use of term pimp as in "pimp your website" and the like is a disservice. It is an attempt to give "pimp" a good twist. It lessens the negativity associated with the term. Pimping is evil. There isn't anything good about it. In addition, pimps have notoriously bad style. The whole mentality that has come up with "pimp" as anything good is confused.

There are tens of thousands of slaves in Niger. (Court finds Niger guilty of allowing girl's slavery, by Lydia Polgreen. International Herald Tribune. October 28, 2008.)

White racists were plotting mass murder of Blacks and the assassination of Barack Obama. (They were caught by Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.)

The number of hungry people in the world is going up even as food or food commodity prices are falling. They don't have the money to pay for cheaper food.

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