I read Marxist Professors and Half-Breed's (dated October 30, 2008) and have been ruminating on and off about it since yesterday. It makes me wonder about the context in which Barack Obama openly discussed (wrote about) his coming up. I didn't read Obama's book, not because I would refuse to but more on account of financial issues and other priorities.

I will say openly that my own positions coming up (if one can call it that) have changed drastically as I've experienced different environments and cultures, etc. It would surprise me greatly if Barack Obama has not changed from his previously held convictions not just because he is a politician and it is generally accepted knowledge that politicians are basically dishonest in the "noble lie" sense at a minimum.

The linked article asks why anyone would vote for such as person as Barack Obama since the quotes come directly from Obama's book. Well, if the context in which the Obama-quotes have been placed were correct, meaning if all the assumptions (the whole tenor of the blog and not just the single post) of the article's author were correct, one could hardly disagree. What I see though is a willingness to examine the warts of Obama but not of McCain.

Frankly, the best place to start is with one's own warts. Oh, it's painful to be honest with oneself. I speak from personal experience. We've all erred. We all must go through the repenting process or fall further. Has McCain repented? I don't see anything to indicate that he's working on it. Has Obama repented? I don't see it there either. Has "lot 2 learn" (the author's user name behind which he hides) repented? Where's the evidence to suggest it?

I'm not voting for Obama regardless. I'm not voting for John McCain either. I don't want either one of them as leader. I'm not voting for anyone for president of the United States, because for two reasons 1) I don't think any of them is right for such a leadership position, and I don't buy the lesser of evils voting position at all anymore (I've changed) and 2) I don't hold with coercion. American-style democracy is coercive.

Christianity is not coercive. You are free to be in error and to not accept Christianity. Christians don't force others. They appeal with the truth and then let it be, aside from doing their own good, non-coercive works.

The only place coercion enters is within the voluntary house of Christ. No one is forced in. Those who enter to stay must, however, conform or leave. Heaven wouldn't be Heaven filled with nonconformists with righteousness.

What do you think?

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