Part of the reason humanity collectively isn't seeing to the proper feeding of all human children and adults is because adults today were not properly fed as young children themselves. We must overcome the ignorance and shortsightedness of this vicious downward-spiral.

All other things being equal, proper feeding of the youngest children gives them the best start in the fleshly sense. Even if there are other stresses upon the children, proper nutrition certainly will remain a benefit for each child and humanity as a whole.

The reason to feed the children is not selfishness. The incentive should not be what we each will gain as individuals apart from the whole.

The proper approach is to feel the difficulties of others regardless of our situation and out of a deep and abiding sense of empathy and sympathy, desire to relieve the children and others of their difficulties in the immediate sense and on account of the positive consequences for them and everyone else concerned. Everyone else is literally everyone since there is no absolute disconnect. No matter how far separated, we are all at least indirectly connected to some extent in some context. God knows who the proverbial Satan is for instance.

Here is an article about how much difference some very basic nutrition for children two-and-under can have for the rest of the children's lives.
Better Childhood Nutrition Increases Productivity. Press Release from the International Food Policy Research Institute. January 31, 2008.

The article discusses the food "Atole." Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on Atole.

If we care for the children today, they will be that much smarter as adults. They will be that much better able to improve the general and specific conditions of individual humans and of the whole of humanity.

Once people are adults, somewhat contrary to the findings of the above linked article, nutrition continues to be important. Read the following linked article.
Poor workplace nutrition hits workers' health and productivity, says new ILO report. International Labour Organization (ILO). September 15, 2005.

Now, those two articles are written from the economic standpoint. That's fine especially if one truly comprehends that economics is about managing the household that is the whole Earth and beyond. It isn't dollars and cents. It isn't private enterprise. It's everything. It all ties together.

That's why we have devised the Christian Commons Project™.

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