Here's a terrific clip from the very end of the post entitled, "Just Charity: A Follow-up to some Questions," by James K.A. Smith. Fors Clavigera:

Finally, I'd be very curious to know whether those who offer such a "baptized" libertarianism would really be willing to sign up for an ecclesial socialism. In my experience, they are also libertarians about the church (which is why many of them are also Protestants). I'd be much more willing to hear this line of critique if I thought the "Christians" offering it were living out economic redistribution within their ecclesial communities. But I don't think that is happening. I think the supposed "theological" arguments for libertarianism are a bit of a ruse—a cover for what, at the end of the day, is a political ideology that is drastically modern, individualist, and selfish.

Unfortunately, James doesn't allow comments. Neither does he set his posts off as single posts. You'll have to scroll down in his archive to find the post.

James, if you come here on account of the link in some search engine results, let me say that you are exactly right about the Calvinists especially. I've been writing along the same vein for years now. I'm glad to have run into your blog. It is nice to see someone else who can see right through them.

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