After all the talk, they have zero proof of registration fraud leading to voter fraud, just like against Iran and against Iraq's Saddam Hussein and even against Osama bin Laden, believe it or not.

They've been making stuff up about Iran (they've slowed way down now). They made stuff up about Iraq and Saddam Hussein. They haven't even been able to put Osama bin Laden on the Ten Most Wanted List for 9/11 specifically, because they don't have any evidence against him. The "confession" video isn't a positive I.D. So why would anyone believe them about voter fraud? The real story is election fraud by the Republicans. It's also about 9/11 being an inside job right along with the Crash of 2008. It will all come out. Watch and see.

McCain Camp Can't Give Example Of Registration Fraud Leading To Voter Fraud
By Zachary Roth - November 2, 2008, 11:33AM

A member of John McCain's "Honest and Open Election Committee" has admitted that he can't give a single example of voter registration fraud leading to actual voter fraud.

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