Now why would the majority of California voters disapprove of requiring their utilities to generate at least half of their electricity from wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable sources by 2025?

If one believes in coercive democracy, something all secular voters apparently do, then why don't they coerce one another to do what is best for the planet and their children and children's children, etc.?

The people are supposed to be the government. The utilities serve the people at the people's pleasure. If the people want the environment saved, all they need to do is stop ruining it.

They certainly could have, under the mundane legal system, voted for at least half of their electricity from clean sources by 2025. If they had twice the sense, they'd make it 100% by 2012. They could simply have gone on a wartime footing toward the problem. It is doable.

It would have created so many new jobs. It would have stimulated so much real research and development. It would have paid for itself over and over in very few years.

Well, the people retard themselves for God only knows what reason. They'll reap what they've sowed: Pollution, ignorance, stupidity, and selfishness. I wish it weren't so.

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