George W. Bush is a self-defense, Wild West cowboy from 1950s and 60s TV. He is disingenuous about it in addition. It's a cover for lawlessness, for reckless, lethal, evil imperialism and greed. Preemption is a phony cover.

Barack Obama ran on a campaign of attacking people regardless of sovereignty issues. He has made clear that he will attack people in Afghanistan and Pakistan to hunt down and to kill militant, fundamentalist Muslims. He will do this based upon secret plans. The common people will not know whether the people being targeted are truly the enemies of the American people. Those targeted people will be lumped together as a blob under the labels Taliban and al Qaeda. The legitimate grievances of those people will not be forthrightly addressed and corrected. They will be given lip-service.

George W. Bush has attacked within Pakistan and Syria and other places around the world using remote-controlled drones and covert special-ops military and paramilitary teams. These actions have not made the world a better place. The young children of U.S. military personnel deployed to other lands are experiencing great emotional difficulties. Huge and long-lasting behavioral problems are on the rise. Think about the children in other countries who have been attacked by the U.S. George W. Bush's actions have helped to create another generation of terrorists at home and around the world only so much more disturbed and lethal.

Time and again, we read about the American military having attacked wedding party after wedding party where innocent women and children have been mowed down and blown up. It's depraved. The U.S. military is sick. It is a disease. It is a cancer that needs to be removed. It must be dismantled. The world must have total disarmament.

Barack Obama is for the death penalty. He wants to expand its use even at a time when DNA evidence has proven that scores of people are and have been on death row who are innocent. How many innocent people have "the people" murdered using capital punishment? Yet, this president elect is for expanding the use of capital punishment. Even if we could be absolutely positive of guilt, what killing others does is hardened hearts only making things worse. It is hardened hearts that cause the problem in the first place. It's a vicious cycle that this president elect doesn't seem to comprehend. Heaven help us.

Barack Obama has and will continue to surround himself with the same old power structure. He is not much of a change. He is not about getting rid of evil within. He's about reprioritizing and adjusting evil, placing emphasis in different places is all.

Barack Obama is beholden to big money and big business, consolidation, and plutocrats running the show from behind the scenes. He will disappoint the common people. At best, he will do minor things to placate the commoners. He will have to be dragged to doing right.

Also, he is not nearly as smart as so many of his followers seem to think. He is a wind tester. He has done and will do what the most voters want and will buy. Of course, that's secular, coercive democracy and antichrist. It will fail. America will get exactly that for which it voted. It is not the best but far from it. The Empire is in serious trouble, and Barack Obama isn't going to save it. He isn't offering what will save the world. He doesn't have it in his heart. He can't bring forth.

Nevertheless, if God will bless him, Obama will truly change. Obama has to want that though. Does he want it? Do you want it for him and for yourself and all others impacted?

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