Democratic Congressman Rahm Emanuel has accepted fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama's offer to be the White House Chief of Staff.

Back in April of 2007, I wrote the following, which is telling about Rahm Emanuel:

Who Stripped Jim Webb's Iran Clause?

Senator Jim Webb had introduced legislation that George W. Bush may not attack Iran without specific Congressional authorization. Webb's legislation would have made it clear that the authorization to use force against those who committed 9/11 was limited. Who killed that legislation?

AIPAC (The Jewish Lobby) did. Rahm Emanuel did. The Democratic Leadership Council did. The closet neocons in the Democratic Party did.

Saturday, April 21, 2007
@ 12:09:09 PM (Pacific Time)
By Tom Usher

Emanuel is a Political Zionist and Religious Zionist rolled into one. He served in the Israeli military (the Israeli Defense Forces or IDF). This is not a good sign for peace in the Middle East. He calls Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist organizations while his own father was a member of Irgun, a Political-Zionist terrorist organization without doubt. One wonders whether or not Rahm Emanuel might also be part of the Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency). I'm not saying he is an Israeli spy, but that sort of relationship certainly isn't rare amongst those who would be raised American but go join the IDF. Frankly, I believe there are many American Jews who would think that would be just fine. They want Israel and America to be joined at the hip and not for the right reasons.

Barack Obama is going to really go down in the polls. Many, many of the people who voted for him in the primaries and the general election are going to wish they had supported a peace candidate.


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    • @Nathan -

      Hello Nathan,

      The post is not "just a hair away from stating a belief in Jewish conspiracy." There are definitely conspirators who are also Jews. Do you actually hold that no Jews conspire? So there isn't nor has there ever been a Jewish Mafia in your view, is that your position? Are you one of those people who thinks every non-Jew in existence is supposed to think that there are no evil Jews? There are evil Anglo-Saxons, Chinese, American Indians, Australian Aborigines, and Jews. If you don't like that, do something constructive to change it. First though, you have to face facts rather than pass off fantasy as reality.

      What the Jews have done vis-a-vis the Palestinians is an abomination. What are you, a racist? Do you believe that Palestinians are inherently inferior to those calling themselves Jews? Are you an ethnic bigot? Do you agree with horning in and butting others out of their homes and off the lands their ancestors may have occupied continuously for thousands of years? If you hold with that, you have the heart of a serpent and need a total conversion from what you are to real Christianity.

      There are conspirators in Israel. The political Zionists conspired to take over Palestine. That's an irrefutable fact. There are people who consider themselves political Zionists but they have a different vision in mind. There were people who went to Palestine who actually had it in mind to form one state with the Palestinian Arabs as full equal citizens with all the rights and protections of anyone calling himself or herself a Jew. They were obviously in the minority and naive about their fellow Jews.

      Have you studied the word "conspiracy"? I don't shrink from stating that the Jews who went to Palestine for the most part stole the land. It did not belong to them. Neither was it Britain's or the U.N.'s to give to them, in case you are under that illusion. Although, I suspect you are well aware that it has all been out-and-out theft.

      I am unaware of any nationality the size of the Jewish nation or larger that does not contain conspirators within. Are you aware of any? The answer is no.

      Did you think that the word "conspiracy" would send a panic racing through me? I use the term a great deal. People conspire to commit all manner of sins. The fact that people try to manipulate the public into fearing to apply the term to Jews doesn't work on me. The Jews are just like the Germans or the Bolivians or any other ethnic group. If they do evil, I'm not going to say it isn't, just because they were persecuted and subjected to mass extermination by the Nazis. The Russians lost 20 million people in WWII according to most generally accepted estimates. That doesn't put any Russian beyond criticism. Anyway, my criticism is intended to be constructive. I don't place curses on people. I would love it if every Jew and Russian and every other person on the planet would stop being covetous of the land of others and violent against others selfishly to grab possessions.

      Also, how does Irgun no longer existing by that name (continuity wasn't lost) matter regarding my post? The answer is that it doesn't. It's irrelevant. Rahm Emanuel's father was a member (or a member of some subgroup). I saw a different terrorist-group name pop up after the initial reports said it was the Irgun. It was still a terrorist group.

      Are you unaware that "was" as I used it is past tense? I said he "was a member of Irgun." You can't rightfully conclude from that that I was saying that the Irgun is still functioning. What kind of logic do you practice, or don't you bother?

      The point is terrorism. Rahm was raised by a man who is apparently unrepentant about his Irgun affiliation. Rahm could denounce the Irgun's history. He could do many things to stand up for righteousness. I wish he would. Plenty of Jews do a much better job of trying to do that than does Rahm Emanuel.

      As for saying, "Jewish Lobby," no, I didn't mean the "Israel Lobby." In Israel, most people call it the Jewish Lobby. Read their press. I often do. Do you read it? They are much more open over there about debating the right and wrong of Israeli policy. Did you know that?

      It is also baselessly presumptuous of you to state that I rely on Mearsheimer and Walt. I was already well aware of the material in their article and book before they published. I bring them up usually simply as examples of Jews who will debate Israeli and American policy. They aren't particularly radical. They don't even say that the Zionist Project was wrong from the start. I do though. Everyone who horns in and butts others out, maiming, killing, murdering, torturing, harassing, imprisoning, poisoning, bombing, etc., is an ass (as in aggressively stupid or asinine). It doesn't matter the ethnic background. They are all asses.

      No one stopped you from providing evidence that Mearsheimer and Walt's material is "flawed and contradictory." Just claiming it in a short comment looks mighty weak around here.

      "Read a book," you say. What did you intend with those words? Do you really think that any even halfway intelligent visitor is going to gauge you as worthy based upon that suggestion when the visitor can readily see from the breadth and depth of this site that I read?

      Do you know why "hold your peace" is a good expression?

      Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, "Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice." (John 18:37)

      Why don't you too hear his voice? May God bless you with the truth, with the peace, and with real love. Soften your heart. Have mercy. You left your comment with malice toward me. That's not good for you.

      Tom Usher

    • Nathan

      This article is just a hair away from stating a belief in Jewish conspiracy. Irgun is no longer an organization (it was dismantled when Israel became a recognized political state). Furthermore, the "Jewish Lobby?" I believe you meant to say "Israel Lobby," but even so, your reliance upon a source as flawed and contradictory as Mr. Mearsheimer and Mr. Walt speaks volumes to your actual knowledge on the subject. Read a book, sir.