Roman Catholics and Muslims met at the Vatican for 3 days and have issued a joint declaration that includes a statement about religious minorities saying, they are "entitled to their own places of worship, and their founding figures and symbols they consider sacred should not be subjected to any form of mockery or ridicule."

Now, the error is in not qualifying the term "ridicule" if in fact the full statement does not do that. At any rate, it is an error for the mainstream media to leave out any such qualifying language if it exists.

Here's the point. "Ridicule" has a number of connotations one of which if applied to the above statement would be that no one should do anything that does the opposite of praising, honoring, or respecting Mohammed for instance. The statement would than suggest that constructive criticism about Islam would be forbidden. That would mean that comparing and contrasting Jesus and Mohammed would be disallowed. That's an extremely weak position on the part of the Muslims. With such a stance, they are necessarily stating that Mohammed and his views are too weak to withstand scrutiny and that it should be the law that he not be subjected to question.

The Roman Catholics have played into this in the interest of a false peace that leads downward rather then into the light.

It isn't for Christianity to downgrade the truth to facilitate the dark. It is for Muslins to be confronted by the full Gospel message in stark contrast to the teachings of Mohammed.

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