Yesterday, I posted, "HOW TO COUNTER DEFLATION WITHOUT THE BANKING SCAM." I have more to say on the subject.

Eliminate the Recession Almost Instantaneously

Not only is this a way to counter deflation, it is also a way to counter inflation and the recession/depression. In fact, it will eliminate the recession almost instantaneously.

United States Notes

When I wrote "printing and giving money away to the common people," I want to clarify that I was referring to printing original-style greenbacks, which are really United States Notes and not Federal Reserve Notes (private bank notes). There is a huge difference that is nearly uniformly concealed from the American people and the world. That is changing and will continue to change until the people remove the Federal Reserve System scam against them.

United States Notes were issued until the beginning of 1971.

Interest Free Money Issuance

The most significant difference between U.S. notes and Fed notes is that U.S. notes don't bear interest to anyone, especially private parties. The U.S. government (hence the people, voters, taxpayers) don't owe anyone any interest on any debt obligation created by printing and issuing United States Notes. So long as enough and not too many of such notes are printed and circulated, deflation and inflation will be managed.

It is a simple measure to control the printing of money (money supply) so that the price of a fixed basket of some basic necessities (clean freshwater, staple organic foods, clothes, a house, energy) will remain stable over a reasonable time taking into account droughts and other events. Also when I say fixed, I mean a basket where the quantity and quality (real utility) is not degraded.

No Interest to the Superrich Currency-Monopolists

Federal Reserve notes bear interest to private banks and to the undisclosed shareholders in those banks. The Federal Reserve System is a system where private individuals stand between the only currency and the people as middlemen taking a cut for doing nothing but working the scam so the top bankers and their multi-billionaire families may live in luxury off the backs of the poor and lower and middle classes.

No Metal Standard

Also, United States Notes are not backed by metals such as gold or silver or backed by any bank deposits. Backing a currency is unnecessary and just confuses the situation. The idea behind tying the currency to a metal is to keep prices more stable. If the amount of money in circulation is tied directly to fixed prices of a group of necessary things though, the metal's connection becomes not only unnecessary but a path for incorrect pricing since the perception of the value of the metal will vary greatly depending upon how dire the circumstances. People can't eat gold to live. Likewise, bank-deposit reserves are solely made necessary when banks control the issuance. Banks can still be required to maintain reserves against their loans even where the government issues the currency directly. It was not the government fiat notes, per se, that caused the recessions down through history. It was not tying the supply directly to inflation/deflation that allowed the recessions and depressions to occur.

Abolish the Federal Reserve

The sooner the Federal Reserve System is abolished and the sooner the governments of the world directly issue fiat currencies and that are tied to the prices of fixed and necessary staples, the sooner the people will be back to where they were before the bankers grabbed full control of those governments and the people.

This is not a panacea. It is not the ultimate path. It is only a step in the right direction. It will make matters better, but it won't make them the best that they can be.

Christian Commons Project™

The Christian Commons Project™ is an even greater step to take in that right direction. It is a series of steps that does ultimately arrive at what is best. That's because inherent within it are all the things Jesus asks. People, as Jesus knows full well, take steps one after the other on his path. We must begin that process by turning away from the current system that was set up by vultures that are a natural outgrowth in the wild but entirely unnecessary within the human heart. Human beings are not to be vultures. We are to transcend that.

Give First to the Poor

Where should the United States Notes go? To whom should they first be given? They should be given first to the poor. They should be given in direct proportion with lack. The less one has, the more he or she should receive up to some level to get him or her out of poverty. This would raise the bottom. The whole would rise as a result.

The argument that this would reward the lazy and punish the industrious and thrifty is a limited view that indicates a less thorough understanding. The poor would spend and save as individuals. Without great educational effort and regulation, some would unwisely spend it all on selfish and purely wasteful things. Regardless, the funds would be spent into the system in which the industrious and thrifty currently depend and which system is in a recession heading for depression for lack of proper and timely policies and practices of the people (their governments). Those governments are in the process of formulating policies and procedures, but they will be insufficient to correct the underlying, systemic problems. They will not take the necessary and intelligent steps to prevent future problems. They will allow for way too much of the current system to remain in place. They will allow for a return to the current system thereby guaranteeing more contrived booms and busts for the worldly benefit of the few who extremely selfishly and shortsightedly do their worst toward the rest of humanity.

By giving to the poor, the rich and others will not be punished and neither will the lazy be rewarded for laziness. The industrious will always do better depending upon the degree to which the system is righteous in the sense Jesus uses the term.

Stop Rewarding the Private-Bank Monopoly

The first way the government of the U.S. reacted to the crash was by rewarding those who crashed it with astronomically huge funds. They did that under the noses of the people while trying to dupe the people into falsely imagining that the current system that is the banking system (national-bank, central-bank, private-bank monopoly) is the only way. It is not. In fact, it is the way to otherwise needless stress. It is an unnecessary evil, not that any evil is ultimately necessary. It is only bound to come due to hard hearts. The sooner the people come to realize that the Federal Reserve System is a sin, the better.

Stop the One-Sided Discussions

It is very difficult for people to sort out the truth from the garbage. That's because every ideology with which they are confronted is a mixture of truth and falsehood and only one (Jesus) is willing to discuss all in earnest. The others want to focus upon all the negatives of other ideologies and only the supposed positives of their own.

Pay Off the National Debt and Don't Borrow for Wars

Understand that the National Debt (public debt) is largely on account of wars that have been fought on borrowed money, money borrowed from private bankers. Wars are in the selfish interest of world bankers.

Further understand that just looking at this debt as a percentage of GDP and/or as adjusted for inflation does not address the underlying evil.

Also, the true debt is difficult to ascertain since there is secret budgeting that goes on in government and industry and definitions and methods are changed to suit devious political aims.

The Federal Reserve Scam

The U.S. Treasury doesn't issue credit. It issues debt. It auctions off debt instruments or obligations of the U.S. government to pay back principal and interest in repayment of borrowed funds gained by the auctions. Private parties and other governments buy the debt instruments. The Treasury may issue debt up to the debt ceiling (National Debt) set by Congress.

Now, the Federal Reserve says to the U.S. Treasury, increase the money supply, meaning incur more debt. The Federal Reserve then "gives" the government the funds to run the government in exchange for debt securities from the government upon which the government owes the Federal Reserve interest. This means that for nothing at all, the government cuts in the Federal Reserve to receive tax dollars. The Federal Reserve does absolutely nothing to earn that cut. It's just a gift from the taxpayers to the private bankers.

How does the Federal Reserve create money? They tell the government to print it. The government does that. The Federal Reserve pledges collateral to the government equal to the face value of the printed bank notes. They do that using Treasury securities. How do they get the money to buy the Treasury securities to use as the pledge? They tell the government to print the money. They also buy Treasuries without spending any money. They don't have to have money to buy. They just credit the seller's account. It's then called central-bank money. They create the money right then and there with the push of a button or via total automation (computer algorithms/programming). Only the Federal Reserve private bankers are allowed to do this. They hold a total monopoly on the creation of money out of nothing that gets the ball rolling where other banks join in and likewise create commercial-bank money upon which they earn interest on loans and pay out interest on deposits. The spread is their profit. You have to be a vetted member of the club to do this.

Becoming a member of the club isn't easy. The banking industry doesn't want members who are philosophically and ideologically out of step with their entire system. They've managed to lobby government and to give huge political campaign-contributions to assure that the regulatory scheme suits them. Entry requires that you have their stamp of approval. People with the deep pockets to make a new bank happen also happen to agree with the whole system. It's circular and denies anyone who won't fit the bill. There are rare exceptions, but those are people who actually have figured out how to work the system and they still remain selfishly oriented at heart to some degree. Of course, you'd have to be to want to be a banker, even a micro-banker since there is the non-bank alternative that is the Christian Commons Project™ linked to above.

So, the government gives the Federal Reserve private bankers the money or the right to create money to buy U.S. treasuries upon which the U.S. government owes those bankers interest so that those bankers may use those securities as collateral to pay the government to print the private banking notes call Federal Reserve Notes. Now, at the end of the day, they have more money than they started with of course and they and they alone control the money supply (expansion and contraction — booms and bust, recessions and even depressions whenever it suits them — when they are set to reap the rewards such as bailouts and via shorting the market).

They make loans with that created money. The government owes them interest and the other borrowers owe them interest. Many of the other borrowers are other banks that are member banks of the Federal Reserve. They benefit by this arrangement. Those banks borrow from the Federal Reserve at very low interest to operate and then make loans worth 10 or 12 times, or more, the amount they hold in deposits (fractional-reserve banking).

As of the date of this post, the people owe the Federal Reserve bankers and shareholders (mostly banker families) some $500 billion dollars plus annual interest payments on the gift the people's representatives have given to those bankers and their shareholders.

The Superrich Paying to Control the Topic

You will see that entitlements (Social Security and the like) are not usually included in the National Debt. Some of the recent bailouts are also not included. You will begin to hear more and more how entitlements must be slashed and privatized (even in the face of the recent market downturns). What you won't simultaneously hear from the strongest advocates of these steps is about reversing the recent tax-cuts for the superrich. At one point, the highest tax-bracket in the U.S. was above 90% and the economy was very strong relative to even before the Crash of 2008. You won't hear about slashing defense spending and war spending. You won't hear about interest on the debt.

Keep the Discussion on Subject

If we get rid of Federal Reserve notes, if we pay the National Debt with United States Notes, if we raise taxes back to where they were when income inequality was at its lowest, if we stop funding the Military-Industrial Complex, we'll have more than enough to handle all the entitlements and then some.

Beyond the Mundane

Now, that's about the best mundane, worldly, coercive, democratic approach as you're going to find.


If you want to do the very best short of bringing forth the supernatural on the level Jesus showed, then you'll have to turn away from all coercion and create a system outside the current system. Doing that is a prerequisite for the supernatural peace by the way. It isn't a prerequisite for the coming wrath though (coming for sure if the people don't turn and repent).

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