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Obama Won, Greenspan Shrugged, but Capitalists Tool On
Thursday 06 November 2008
by: Steve Weissman, t r u t h o u t

I won't reproduce the article here. Click over to read it.

I will say that the laissez-faire crowd (the utopian Capitalists) can't be proven wrong in their minds, because to be able to do it in the sense they mean by proof would mean waiting forever to see whether or not people would simply catch on to what works best in the long run. The fact of the matter is that that works equally well for coercive socialism and totalitarian dictatorships and also Christianity as Jesus expressed it. That's not really the central issue though with Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine.

Steve Forbes, as Steve Weissman points out to some degree and which I will expand here, is asking us to believe that regulation caused evil people to take advantage of regulations. The regulators though were not allowed to regulate in the places where Steve points as the culprit. He points to the Federal Reserve as regulators, which they are. However, at the same time though, the public isn't on the inside at the Fed. The Fed is private. It is private enterprise. It is a Constitutional responsibility of Congress (money creation) that Congress has wrongly privatized (by being bought out via campaign contributions from the superrich bankers and a corporate revolving door when they leave Congress also provided by those bankers and the mega-corporations they fund).

Now, to be fair, the duped laissez-faire capitalists (the ones lower down who actually want to believe that there are superrich laissez-faire capitalists, such as Steve Forbes, rather than that those superrich have simply fooled those non-adepts in the craft) are right that Fed is the takeover of the state such that it has become the state. Who can argue against that? Who wants to other than the private parties who own the Fed as a plutocratic institution?

The fuller truth though is that anti-capitalists have no part in the Fed and want it abolished. The whole truth is that those who are most in the spirit of anti-capitalism are most interested in non-coerced consensus as the governing principle. Steve Forbes is dead set against that.

He knows full well that one-person-one-vote with truly open discussions where the superrich don't control would not result in capitalism as the choice for how humanity should be organized and bringing forth. He wouldn't have his wage-slaves serving him in his corporate dining room and elsewhere. He'd being serving too as he should want to.

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