Barack Obama is a warmonger. He's been rubbing his hands together itching to get started with attacking people. He's going to kill many innocent people, many children, many babies, to get at others he can parade around dead.

Afghanistan and Pakistan don't need more killing. They don't need any killing. They need real help, just as so many in the U.S. need real help.

What we've heard over and over and over from Barack Obama is the middle class, the middle class, the middle class. What we haven't heard is the poor, the poor, the poor. Where's his even supposed Christian heart?

Spending money on making war in foreign countries isn't going to help do anything good.

The U.S. could lead in the right direction for a change. That would be real.

The U.S. could call upon all the nations of the world to come together to really solve the problems facing humanity.

Barack Obama will pay some lip service to this — just enough to placate just enough people to marginalize those who will see right through the farce.

Barack Obama is a warmonger. You will see it. He's a killer in his heart who needs to repent.

He isn't going to lead the U.S. in the right direction. He'll turn some ways away from the worst of the Bush administration in some things but only make matters much worse in others. He will make many, many huge errors, because he doesn't have the real Christ in his heart.

He isn't really trying to save the world. He has gotten where he has on ego. He will fail and fall on account of it.

Barack, my brother, you won't take my personal phone call to you and your staff won't show you my private letter, so I'm forced to write these things in public for the sake of the many. Turn before it is too late for you and for all those your failure to turn will surely murder.

God have mercy on us all.

Tom Usher

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