The news lately has been about how Georgia attacked South Ossetia in an indiscriminate attack. Of course, this blog has always known that and written in a way consistent with it. Fortunately though, many other publications that are not just "alternative" sources are now publishing evidence that attests to the real facts. The neocon lies are being shot down, as they all should be.

In addition, we are pleased to hear that the rumors of the last two days about Obama favoring missiles in Poland have also been shot down by the Obama team. That should be good news to the ears of Medvedev and Putin. Obama is taking the right approach — defusing the situation.

We've been watching the neocons trying to revive the Cold War. It's a terrible idea that only warmongers and lovers of the Military-Industrial Complex would even tolerate. Russia is not run by Joseph Stalin. They do have their faults (pride and ego), but they are not interested in war. They would gladly cooperate with the U.S. on a whole host of humanitarian efforts if they were approached in a genuine manner. Unfortunately, Obama isn't looking for friendship. Obama is fudging though. He's playing word games about the missile shield.

He's saying that he won't deploy until it is a proven system. That's a hedge to give him wiggle room in case Russia does something untoward. Why not just be upfront by saying the U.S. won't deploy so long as Russia doesn't do anything aggressive? Obviously, Barack's neocons have his ear and mind.

The fact is that it is in the best interest of the U.S. that Russia becomes a member of the European Union and that Canada, the U.S., and Mexico also move closer to the E.U. The U.S. militarists and weapons manufacturers don't want that though. Well, tough. That's what the peacemakers should put across.

There will be one world. The question is just how much tribulation must there be before the New World (New Earth) takes shape. The criminally insane ones aren't going to relinquish power peacefully. The kleptocrats are going to cling to power as long as they can and with everything they can bring to bear. They do lose though and have already for those who understand the crucifixion and resurrection.

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