Are other so-called neoconservatives embarrassed by Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh? Who is publicly distancing himself from these two? Where's the repudiation of their lies?

Hannity and Limbaugh are calling the current economic crash (caused by wild monetary policies and equally wild real estate speculation and exotic, toxic derivatives) Barack Obama's fault. ("Hannity, Limbaugh promote myth of an 'Obama recession'," Media Matters. November 12, 2008.)

They are suggesting that the majority of the reason (not really saying it that I know of — maybe they are — but clearly implying it by virtue of the weight they are placing on it, calling this the Obama recession) investors are not jumping back into equities is because of Obama's risky signals.

Now that's just total hogwash. Of course people are wondering exactly what an Obama administration will look like, but that concern isn't amounting to a hill of beans in terms of investing in Wall Street right now compared with people not knowing how much total junk there is in the system put there by deregulated, under-regulated, and unregulated markets by laissez-faire- and crony-capitalist-investment creators.

Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are just grasping at whatever they can, and by trying to label the recession the "Obama Recession" when it is without doubt George W. Bush's Crash of 2008, they are trying the Big Lie tactic of Adolf Hitler and the other Machiavellians.

What is so annoying about these two is that the vast majority of their viewers and listeners know that this is exactly what's going on too. These people wink at each other over the radio for crying out loud. It's amazing the level of dishonesty. It isn't even remotely clever. They don't even care how transparent they are.

Barack Obama did not cause this recession. His announced policies are not sending fear through the investment community. If the people had elected Herbert Hoover again (Heaven help us) or any other president or person, the markets would still be dead for a good while.

Don't these people read their own economists? Anna Schwartz co-authored, "A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960" with Milton Friedman. She has stated that the toxic securities are keeping people out of the markets. They don't know what value there is behind the huge corporations on account of the junk securities. Investors are waiting to see the dust settle so they can look around at the damage to appraise the situation. Don't blame it on Obama. He's going to make enough real mistakes without people having to bear false witness about him based upon ridiculously contrived propaganda.

Look, anyone who reads this blog knows full well that I'm no fan of Barack Obama, but it's just pathetic to see Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh spewing such utter garbage. Why are these guys on the air? Who can look in the mirror and listen to those two and agree with them? Don't people know that their kind of talk is sinful? It's deliberate malicious lying and gossip. That's evil. They have zero excuses for it. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh don't believe the stuff they are spewing out. They are being paid to spew lies.

Honest errors are one thing, but this level of constant fabrication is beyond the pale. All the corruption of the Bush administration hasn't humbled these two a bit. How will they escape damnation if they don't stop and thoroughly repent and there still be any justice?

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