Throwing acid in girls' faces just because they are attending school against Islamic teachings

That's what reportedly happened in Afghanistan. Who did it? Was it the Taliban? Was it a Western agent paid to stir up trouble to lay the pretext for more U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan? Who knows?

The covert ops people definitely infiltrate organizations to encourage members to conspire to and to carry out violent acts for purposes of Western propaganda.

There are though Islamic Fundamentalists who will go to extremes to enforce what they see as sharia.

Either way, it's a horrible thing to do to a teenage girl who is just trying to learn. Any religion that says that females aren't allowed to learn is sick.

Even if it is an operative who planted the idea, it shouldn't have taken.


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    • @Quakerdave -

      Hi Dave,

      Welcome back.

      Look, I hear you; however, you're overstating it. The number in the Klan relative to the whole of Christianity (defined loosely for the sake of my point) is not even remotely in the same ballpark with the numbers of sharia followers of the type of sharia that these acid throwers are following relative to all the Muslims (again loosely).

      I completely agree with you that there are millions, even tens and hundreds of millions, of people who believe in Islam who would never engage in that sort of behavior. However, the number who would carry out an Islamic court's order to stone someone to death is quite high. There are tens of millions of people calling themselves Muslims who do hold back females from equal educational opportunities.

      I know you're trying to be a good-hearted person. I can feel it coming threw loud and clear on your blog. I just have to disagree with you that Islam is going to get people to arrive at unity with God (if that's one of your thoughts).

      Mohammed did mis-teach about Jesus and Jesus's message. He didn't get it or worse. If reported correctly, he even said he was uncomfortable about whether he had been visited by an evil jinn or the archangel Gabriel.

      I have read the Qur'an by the way. It's loaded with stuff with which I do not hold and never will. However, I do hold with every word attributed to Jesus in the four Gospels.

      Blessings to you on your search for truth. Come again.

      Tom Usher

    • "Any religion that says that females aren't allowed to learn is sick."

      NO religion teaches this. These are not Muslims who are doing this. They are criminals. They have as much in common with Muslims as the Klan has with real Christians.

      We all need to remember that.


      Sunday, November 16, 2008
      @ 3:00:12 PM (Pacific Time)
      By Tom Usher

      Please feel free to continue commenting here concerning the above referenced post as well. Be sure to clarify in your comments which post you're talking about though; otherwise, comment here and on the other post as you see fit or are moved to do.

      Thank you.

      Blessings to all, of course also necessarily including all Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.,

      Tom Usher

    • @Samira@Cholesterol Support -


      I apologize for how long it took to approve your comment. My web-hosting service or the Internet route to them was apparently experiencing problems up to just a few moments ago. I must go out now, so I won't be able to respond to your comment for a little while. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Thank you also for visiting the site, reading the post, and leaving your comment.

      God bless,

      Tom Usher

    • @Samira@Cholesterol Support -

      Hi again Samira,

      If you feel comfortable enough, would you tell us whether or not you're in Afghanistan? If you don't feel safe saying it, we'll understand though.

      Afghanistan is in deep trouble. The U.S. hasn't done Afghanistan any favor by invading either. The people in charge of America don't care to treat others as equally valuable. They believe that the American hierarchy is God-ordained rather than tenants who murdered the landlord's son when he came to collect. I'm referring to Jesus.

      "But when the husbandmen saw the son, they said among themselves, This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and let us seize on his inheritance." (Matthew 21:38)

      The neocons falsely claim they are making the world safe for democracy. They are though spreading empire (The New American Century that is already over).

      The Taliban is being reactive to poor communication (and violent attacks) — those who seek to seize on their inheritance &mdash their raw materials, etc., in the name of defeating radical, fundamentalist Islam. They aren't being challenged intellectually. That's what ought to happen though. The Islam leaders of the Taliban need to sit down with real Christians and go through the Qur'an and the Gospels to have an open and frank discussion about what is truly best (what God wants).

      Anyone afraid to do that lacks the courage of his convictions.

      God bless,

      Tom Usher

    • I think it is awful, these people who con do such things with young girl are very cruel, and they cant live in our society.