Problem: Intellectual dishonesty

Anti-Zionism and Holocaust Denial are the two main new expressions of contemporary Judeophobia. We study them together because they both represent an attempt to twist history through hate. ...

Source: Judeophobia - Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hate and anti-"Zionism." "Chapter 14: Contemporary Anti-Zionism," by Gustavo Perednik.

Solution: Work to be honest

Anti-Zionism, what is it? What is Zionism? What is Zion? What is Judeophobia? What is a phobia? What is hate?

It is extremely important intellectually to define terms. Nailing down terms as worldly human beings isn't possible, because no two people are identical. Understanding is a relative thing. There is the human conception referred to as the absolute understanding that God has. Human understanding is always relative to God's understanding. It is either closer or farther away. At the same time, a human being, such as was and is Jesus Christ, can join in God's consciousness and perspective. This is a paradox (A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true) with the exception that the word "may" is here replaced by "is."

The introductory words in the blockquote above show intellectual dishonesty.


Anti-Zionism is not limited to Gustavo Perednik's definition. To be an anti-Zionists is not necessarily to be irrational.


Zionism is a term that used so widely that its root is lost.


Zion, as originally intended, represents the idyllic state of being. Tranquility, harmony, peace — those are the sentiments of Zion. Those who are termed Political Zionists include in their roots members who openly committed (still do) terrorism to take land away from people who were otherwise minding their own business and not harming those terrorists. Those Political Zionists were not peaceful. They still are not peaceful except within their closest knit group of fellow travelers.


Judeophobia means having a phobia concerning Jews. Jew is a term that people have deliberately muddled. Is it DNA? Is it religious? Is it ideological?


A phobia is an irrational fear, meaning there is nothing truly to fear. Is there any reason to fear the DNA, religious, or ideological Jew or Zionist, not that the Jew and the Zionist are always one and the same? They aren't.

Is it irrational to fear the acts of those who have demonstrated their immoral capacity to use acts designed to terrorize others? What is fear in this case? Fear for whom, one might ask. I fear for those against whom such acts may be perpetrated. That's not irrational.


Hate is a misunderstood and abused term. I hate evil. That's a great thing. I'm not supposed to like evil or love evil.

Is terrorism evil? Yes, it is. I hate terrorism. Are terrorists evil? Is a tree that produces rotten fruit rotten to the core and rotten throughout all of its roots? Not necessarily is the answer. A tree that produces nothing but rotten fruit is rotten through-and-through. I hate the part of the terrorists that allows them or compels them to commit their acts whether they claim Zionism or Islam or Christianity or Hinduism or atheism or whatever.

Don't fall for the Political Zionists' attempts to define away the truth.

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