Hello General Motors,

Can you hear me? I hope so.

Your Volt idea is fine; however, you're in a crisis that needs a foolproof answer right now. It's right under your noses. It would be easy for you. Pull your old EV blueprints out, dust them off, update them for safety, etc., and get rolling again with the most inexpensive, all-electric passenger car and light truck vehicles you can produce right here in the U.S.

Team up with the photovoltaic carport makers, and get cracking.

People will buy an updated EV. You don't have to wait for your Volt battery to get started right back in the all-electric vehicle line. The profits from the EV will help pay to continue your research and development plans.

Tie your request for money from Washington to a commitment to roll out an updated EV that was already proven to work really well.

Tell them Tom sent you.

Thank you.

God bless all the workers at General Motors. They have little children who don't need to be stressed out with out-of-work parents.

Tom Usher

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