The Emory Wheel is the student newspaper at Emory University. It ran the above cartoon. The cartoon frightened many of the faculty members who don't want the truth being circulated that there is a strong similarity between Apartheid Israel and Apartheid South Africa and that the Jews of Israel should have learned compassion from their awful experience at the hands of the Nazis rather than just reinforcing their also awful, hard-hearted determination to steal the land of the Palestinian Arabs.

"In Response to Dylan Woodliff's Cartoon on Friday,"
by Undersigned. Emory Wheel. November 17, 2008. See also: "An Antisemitic Cartoon in Emory's Student Newspaper Generates a Torrent of Criticism from Across the Campus," by Deborah Lipstadt. Deborah Lipstadt's Blog. November 18, 2008.

Is the problem with the cartoon that it is seen as an overstatement?

It seems that the cartoon may be, and should be, taken as saying that one would think that people who were treated the way they were by the Nazis would not have violently and often by means of outright terrorism dislocated so many others to steal their land.

As for the cartoon being anti-Semitic, how can anyone take from that cartoon that the cartoonist is discriminating against all Jews? There are plenty of Jews who hate the Apartheid Israel Wall. Also, by the same token, how can anyone take the cartoon as an indication that the cartoonist doesn't believe that the Nazis executed Jews in the concentration camps, even by the millions?

Claiming that that cartoon necessarily indicates anti-Semitism and holocaust denial is totally intellectually dishonest (if the person making the claims is at all intellectual - meaning intelligent, informed, rational, etc.). It's just reading in propaganda. It may be that the cartoonist is anti-Semitic, but no one can know that just from that cartoon alone.

The loud condemnation is an attempt to change the subject and to not be caught stealing other people's lands. It's also an attempt to avoid facing the fact that that Apartheid Wall is often running on Palestinian land. It's also an attempt to avoid facing the fact that many Israelis are on Palestinian lands in clear violation of U.N. resolutions and other international law of which Israel and the U.S. both are signatories. Palestinian violence is against those who used violence to steal Palestinian land. Menachem Begin even bragged in writing (his own book) about using terrorism to takeover Palestinian land.

The caliber of statements against this cartoon shows a very low level of intelligence. The arguments aren't well constructed or thought out. They certainly don't defeat the point of the cartoon, which frankly is well-founded.

Some people though just don't know how to debate. All they know how to do is to shoot the messenger rather than face their own wrong-doing.

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