Barack Obama has tapped Eric Holder to be his attorney general. Holder is a Clintonite. He helped with the reauthorization of the Patriot Act in 2005. Obama voted for it. As a lawyer with Covington & Burling, he defended Chiquita Brands International, Inc., (formerly United Fruit Company) executives financing right-wing death squads in Colombia named the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC). What Holder did was act as the mob's mouthpiece. The AUC has been a thoroughly reprehensible and illegal, criminal organization responsible for numerous heinous human rights violations.

Obama is also apparently planning to keep FBI Director Robert Mueller on the job. Mueller did try to stand up to Alberto Gonzales on occasion, but that doesn't excuse FBI excesses under Mueller. There were plenty of those. National Security Letters (NSLs) were used to intimidate people all over the country. Thank God, literally, for the numerous public librarians and others who did so much to face down the FBI and their ridiculously unconstitutional NSLs. "Come back with a real warrant" was heard all over the U.S. and rightly so. The NSLs were far from the only infractions of the FBI.

Obama is furthermore also apparently planning to keep Robert Gates on as the Secretary of Defense. Gates was involved in the Iran-Contra Scandal under Ronald Reagan. He is a close insider with George H. W. Bush and all his connection with oil for Empire. The Pentagon is wholly evil, but who heads it up has a great deal to do with how that evil is dished out. Bob Gates has said some really dumb things about Russia and the Georgia-South Ossetia Conflict. He has too much neocon in him even though as a James Baker comrade, he's not a rabid political Zionist like Joe Biden.

Also, Obama is using John Brennan to transition into the CIA. Brennan worked with George Tenet when all the torture, extraordinary renditions, black sites, and the rest were being ramped up. Those were all violations of international law and utterly immoral. Why then is Obama using him?

Obama has also sent out signals that he has no intention of bringing U.S. war criminals to face mundane justice. (See: "Obama's attorney general pick and the illusion of change," by Bill Van Auken. World Socialist Web Site. November 20, 2008.)

Barack Obama is just business as usual. He's going to simply be a different face, a different front man, for the same criminal enterprise that is the global kleptocracy, the global plutocracy. He's taking orders from the superrich cabal of bankers running the world by controlling all the world's currency flows and issuances.

The only secular way to break free is to break the banker's control on the currencies. The best way to do that in the U.S. is via United States Notes completely replacing Federal Reserve Notes and by canceling the national debt to the Federal Reserve System and all interest due on that debt. The whole system needs to be declared what it has always been and that's unconstitutional. That declaration needs to be made by the people via repealing the Federal Reserve Act.

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