Howard Zinn is misleading his followers concerning the importance and relevance of 9/11. He's a good historian, as historians go. He has compassion. He's antiwar and anti-greed. However, he's a "just move on" sort.

Just moving on is a terrible idea. He wants people to just move on concerning 9/11 before anyone has gotten to the bottom of it. That's awful.

It would be a simple matter to find out who was involved within the U.S. government. All it would take is the U.S. government (incoming Obama administration) deciding to find out regardless of where it would lead. We would arrive at the ultimate perpetrators if we were thoroughly to investigate 9/11 as a crime starting with no preconceived ideas but from scratch (as much as that's possible). In doing so, we could then address the root cause.

We could affect a cure for society. This would be a great thing for humanity. It would not necessitate capital punishment. It could result in reconciliation, forgiveness, and a proper redress of grievances worldwide.

Howard Zinn said 9/11 has "no practical political significance." He has said the following:

I have said that what happened on 9/11 deserves to be investigated more than it has been because I don't accept and believe official investigations and official reports.

But having said that, and I want to say that this has really annoyed a lot of people, but why not, and I will annoy more people by saying that I think there are many people who have become fanatics about 9/11. By fanatics I mean, they think we should drop everything and just concentrate our energies on finding out what happened on 9/11.

I don't think the question of what really happened on 9/11 is the most important question we can ask.
To tell a movement of citizens in the United States that this is something that we really have to make an issue of, I don't believe it because we don't need what happened on 9/11, we don't need that to tell us about the crimes of the Bush administration.

I believe there are certain things that happen in history and certainly questions that are asked that divert us from the important things that we have to do at hand.

The truth is I don't think anyone will ever really know what happened on 9/11 just as I don't think anyone will really know who killed John F. Kennedy, and there are a lot of people who wasted a huge amount of time working on something that did not have any practical political significance.
I don't know enough about it and the truth is I don't much care, that's past.

Listen, if people hadn't worked on who killed John F. Kennedy, we would not realize the depth of depravity and the lengths to which evil will go for the sake of satisfying insatiable lust for all manner of things. We know John F. Kennedy was assassinated in a coup d'état. We know it, because of the magic-bullet [update], lone-shooter nonsense. Howard is doing a huge disservice with his talk about it. Kennedy had his problems, but he was learning in office and was moving toward doing what was truly best for humanity. He was moving against the dark side. He was murdered for it by the system that benefited from his murder: The Military, Intelligence, and elitist, crony Capitalists (greediest of the greedy; richest of the rich in the unrighteous mammon). There's no doubt about it.

Steve Watson listed off things that are a direct result of 9/11. Here are some of the things to which he points:

  • War on terror
  • Clash of civilizations
  • Afghanistan War
  • Iraq War (A million-plus dead?; Millions more refugees)
  • Patriot Act
  • Warrantless wiretapping
  • Guantanamo Bay prison
  • Military Commissions Act
  • Extraordinary renditions
  • Indefinite detentions
  • Torture
  • Director of National Intelligence
  • Dead and dying emergency workers
  • Military and security spending
  • Cutbacks in social programs
  • Deep recession

(Source: "Zinn: 9/11 Truth Is For 'Fanatics', Has 'No Practical Political Significance'," by Steve Watson. November 21, 2008.)

Steve could have gone on. The ripple/Tsunami effect has impacted everything to some degree. Steve Watson is mostly right about this. Howard Zinn is completely wrong about it.

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