The Pentagon is planning to move a bunch of troops to Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban. Well, let me enlighten them. The U.S. only has so many people, so many troops, and so much money (dwindling rapidly). When the U.S. moves troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, you can be assured that Muslims will take advantage of the spreading of the troops. The fundamentalist, militant Muslims want the U.S. to try to cover more and more territory. They want the U.S. to be spread thin. That way, they can move around where they'll hit back hard where the U.S. won't have overwhelming military superiority. The fundamentalist will hit and retreat into obscurity for awhile. There won't be any tracking them then. They are going to catch on to being observed and tracked from space, etc. They are going to continue being funded by new oil money (non-U.S. petrodollars) too. If the U.S. keeps up the pressure, don't be surprised when the Muslims show up with new weaponry that will surprise the Pentagon. Don't be surprised when the Muslims do a coordinated attack in multiple countries at the same time and then retreat such that the U.S. will be caught flatfooted and unable to move on them.

Look, who doesn't remember that Osama bin Laden's plan was to bleed America to death financially by forcing it to fight it hugely expensive style of fighting? Coupled with the insane greed on Wall Street, and the U.S. cannot continue. The U.S. would have to resort to total war where all rules are thrown out and mass killing and mass destruction are used to "win." Who's going to order that? Who's going to risk global thermonuclear exchange with all the nuclear nations firing much of what they have? Who's going to be that stupid? Who will poison the Earth, making it uninhabitable by human kind? Who will "win" only to lose everything?

There are people in the military and elsewhere who are that insane. We must reach into their confused brains to straighten them out.

Automakers and Pelosi

Pelosi has asked the automakers to demonstrate "the auto companies' ability to achieve the fuel efficiency requirements" in last year's energy law (PL 110-140).

Now that's weak. General Motors for one could be told to retool to begin making the EV1 again only in an updated version and not based upon any unproven battery technology in the research stage, as with the Volt. (UPDATE: ExxonMobil bought the patent on the EV1 battery. The U.S. government would have to take the patent away from ExxonMobil to get it back into production. The government has the power to do that.) Rather than that though, the always tough talking but awfully weak Pelosi doesn't require much of anything from the automakers. They will have no problem at all supplying her with all the stuff she's asked them to supply. It will be a walk in the park for them. The $25 billion is as good as done considering her requirements she wrote to them and considering Obama's statements about the U.S. manufacturers.

This is not good. General Motors even admitted that recalling and destroying all the leased out EV1s was a stupid idea. Why did they do it? Why did they make and carryout such an obviously evil plan? It was the worse decision in U.S. auto-industry history.

Barack Obama Economic Plan

Better isn't good enough.

Look, Barack Obama will be better than George W. Bush on nearly everything. That's a problem though, because he won't be good enough. People will just compare things to how they were. They'll conclude that things have changed — that the direction is better. What that will do though is make them complacent. They will sigh in some relief. They will become satisfied with a simple change that won't get us there. Where is "there"? "There" is to the Promised Land that is Heaven on Earth. Along with all the better moves will be all the stopping short and falling short of what is really best. That's the recurring problem of swinging from right to left on the false spectrum that is full of partial truths on both ends and in the middle.

Obama said on November 22, 2008, that he wants to pass legislation to create 2.5 million jobs by 2011. He wants to create public works so the government will pay for rebuilding infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and schools. That will work up to a point. He wants to stimulate alternative energy sources. That will mean tax incentives for commercial research and development. That too will work up to a point. He wants to promote more efficient cars. Okay. So do I.

Those are all mundane things that do not address the core problem that is selfishness. Of course, not enough people voted for coming clean concerning selfishness. The fact is that the mundane election process isn't capable of delivering. It's based upon coercive selfishness that itself is the very problem.

The fix isn't in coercive government on any level. The fix is within each person having the law written on his or her heart. That law is unselfishness.

That's why I call for the Commons (the Christian Commons Project™) outside the coercive system. I call for people of real conscience to pool together peacefully and non-coercively to bring forth land reform. The people need their rightful inheritance back. The Christians (real Christians) can grow food for all without charge. It's Biblical. It's completely consistent with everything Jesus preaches. It's the only right political economy.

Why just 2.5 million jobs? Why leave so-called systemic unemployment? Why not full employment? Why not a guaranteed job for everyone who wants to work? There are other ways of handling inflation than via unemployment. The monetarists are wrong about employment just the way they were wrong about investment-bankers self-regulating. The selfish never get it right. Their system is inherently and fatally flawed.


A group of French veterans say that they had Osama bin Laden in position where they could have killed him on several occasions but were denied permission due to Washington policy. They say that the Bush administration needed bin Laden to remain alive so Washington could keep the wars alive for Military-Industrial Complex reasons. The news is that a video documentary on the subject will be released in France.


The fascist Zionists have taken to arresting American citizens now without cause in order to intimidate American activists who are becoming increasingly emboldened in the cause of human rights. Several Americans were targeted for illegal detention by the Israelis. The Americans were onboard Palestinian fishing boats when the Israeli Navy boarded the boats and took the Americans to prison for doing nothing more than observing Israeli illegality. The Palestinians legally and peacefully were fishing for food and to make an income. The Israelis regularly harass the fishermen and ruin their boats, etc., all in a continuing attempt to drive Palestinians to leave Gaza so that Israeli Jews may more easily finish stealing all the land of Palestine.

"Gaza activists 'on hunger strike'." BBC News. November 21, 2008.

Who broke the ceasefire?

Israel breaks Gaza ceasefire, assassinates six

Report, PCHR, 5 November 2008

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns in the strongest possible terms the killing of six Palestinians carried out by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Gaza Strip yesterday evening and this morning. The victims were all killed by air strikes. This escalation is the first of its kind since the tahdia (the Egyptian-brokered truce between Palestinian resistance groups and Israel) entered into force on 19 June 2008.

What did Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni say to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon? She issued the following statement from her office:

Whoever thinks that a situation of them firing at us, while everything continues as usual, can exist is mistaken. The international community must be more decisive in making itself heard, and in using its influence, in the face of these attacks.

Her nation breaks the ceasefire but demands not to be attacked. She's a moron who wants to lead Israel. Will they let her? Are the majority of Israeli voters morons? One hopes not. However, they are more than flirting with bringing back Benjamin Netanyahu. He's dumber than Livni is.

Well, people will think I'm foolish for calling these people morons and dumb, etc. What's smart about being evil? What's smart about lying? What's smart about declaring a ceasefire only to be the side that breaks it? The rest of the world hates what the Israelis are doing. If it weren't for the U.S. fascists, Israel would have stopped being such a monster long ago.

One has to feel very sorry for the intelligent people of Jewish descent who can't seem to get through the thick skulls of so many of their relatives. Thank God that God doesn't hold it against those intelligent Jews what their evil relatives are doing.


Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army isn't kidding around. They backed off fighting for the sake of the people. Sadr went to Iran and listened to cooler, older, wiser heads. However, Sadr and his followers are not prepared to endure a never-ending U.S. military presence in Iraq. As the U.S. reduces forces in Iraq to send more troops to Afghanistan but without completely withdrawing from Iraq, Iraq could easily become a hot war zone again.


The most pressing threat to global order comes from the actions of Israel. Israeli brutality toward the Palestinians and its obsession with Iran's nuclear energy program are going to spark an arms race that will turn into a Middle East nuclear arms race. The world's global powers should do more to pressure Israel to come to the negotiating table concerning both Palestine and Iran. Israel must recognize Palestine's right to a nation-state within the 1967 borders at the very least. It must stop saber rattling toward Iran. It must stop its illegal, belligerent threats against Iran, concerning which Israel has provided zero proof of any intention by Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Regardless, Iran has the same right as any other nation on the planet to develop nuclear energy and/or nuclear weapons.

The RLCC position is that all the nations of the world should disarm.

Mainstream U.S. Corporate News on Obama

Wow! I read the alternative news mostly. Then I go and read the mainstream — You know, the mainstream news that's own by the major corporations that kiss up to the plutocrats.

What do I see? I see the mainstream spreading propaganda for Obama who was handpicked by the Bilderberg Group. He secretly met with them right in the middle of the campaign. There was zero media coverage. He wasn't shown going in to the meeting or coming out. He wasn't asked about it either. It was as if it never happened. But right after that meeting, the coverage of Obama changed. He had great coverage when he first started running. Then it got tough for him a bit as he fought with Hillary. It was always Hillary or Obama though. That was obvious. After the Bilderberg meeting though, it was all over. The media tipped to Obama. John McCain was given some good press, but there was just enough spin against him allowed to insure his defeat.

Now, now matter what the left says about Obama helping to ruin the antiwar message that really revved up the left, the mainstream is writing as if that left is premature. That of course is a blatant attempt at perception management worthy of Donald Rumsfeld.

What I am seeing mostly is the ridiculous proposition that the reason Obama is hiring all the former Clinton people is because they have experience. That's the problem, not the solution. They do have experience. They have experience at making huge errors over and over. What one hears from them and from Obama is that they plan on making many of the same mistakes all over again. What is really needed are people who don't have that experience but rather are experienced at saying what will go wrong if Clinton-type decisions are followed and who have proven right about that over and over. Those are the people who can lead more in the right direction.

Oh well, the people do in fact get what they deserve in the end.


The Sandinistas won 105 of 146 mayoral contests, but the opposition claimed fraud. The elections were not certified by any independent international body. That's a mistake for the Sandinistas not to have a group such as the Carter Center certify their elections.


They need to make peace in Somalia. It was as dumb as dumb can be to have attacked Somalia. Whoever thought that one up needs to be .... well no not shot but certainly not allowed to make any more decisions accept for repenting and atoning.

They're losing Somalia to a resurgence of Sharia. If the U.S. tries to subdue Somalia, it won't be able to go hard in Afghanistan and Pakistan and also hold down the fort in Iraq.


The IAEA can't decide about what was bombed by Israel. The IAEA says it found traces of radioactive material. What the IAEA knows is that the area could have been salted with the material by Israel. Israeli bombs could have deliberately contained trace amounts of radioactive material. Regardless, the way the Syrians acted after the bombing was strange if they didn't have anything to hide. Perhaps it wasn't a nuclear reactor under construction, but it was sensitive.

Veteran Suicides

An average of 18 U.S. veterans a day kill themselves. The VA (Veterans Administration) claims it wants to help veterans. The best way to help is by renouncing war. The veterans are sick in their souls on account of the evil in which they engaged. Many veterans are not as impacted, because they went in with less sensibility in the first place. They had less compassion. They were already broken and hardened. By renouncing war, the U.S. can begin to truly heal. The veterans would be vastly better off if the whole of society would repent. It would do wonders for their souls. It would do wonders for the whole of humanity and the health of the planet and even the universe.


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    • @C. S. -

      The people had other choices of leaders offered to them some of whom would have been vastly better than Barack Obama is going to be. The people though, in their own selfishness, chose Obama — Bad choice, not that any of the others running would have been perfect.

      The people chose image over substance. They chose pablum. They chose deception. They chose vacuous sound bites. They chose to close their eyes and ears and hearts and minds. They chose weakness. They chose the dead spirit. They chose the dark side in a mere change of clothes.

      Unless and until humanity completely denounces selfishness and extols unselfishness and acts in complete accord with that, humanity will continue to suffer more and more over the long haul. Only unselfishness will save them. God is unselfishness. Nothing else is unselfishness. Evil is selfish. God is not selfish or evil at all. God is pure.

      Evil has no purity.

      Mark my words. They will defend him with more of the same. They will laud the slightest shifts as if those shifts are a change to the right direction. Obama will not change to the right direction. He will turn only slightly and will not turn completely to the right direction. He will continue steering the nation and world off course, which will never, never result in anyone arriving at what is truly right.

    • May be this is right! Sometimes, it is said for America’s foreign policy makers. The wards on Iraq and Afghanistan are very witness of this policy. There was a greed for oil and corporate business. Let’s see how new president elected Barack Obama will bring changes in the promises done to the fundamental shift in foreign policy and how he will prove himself to the masses of world. Some change is expected from might is the right attitude.