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Posted on November 21st, 2008 by Dr.Bruce (Faith and Facts website)

It appears eHarmony will have to change their entire business model in the face of lawsuits charging them with discrimination. eHarmony has been sued by a lesbian woman seeking to be matched with another women [sic] as well as a married man seeking an adulterous match. The latest lawsuit is a class-action suit in ... California.

I left the following comment on the post:

Hello All,

eHarmony did not want to lose out on mammon. They did not want economically to confine themselves to helping match only heterosexuals. Greed goes hand-in-hand with sexual depravity.

What people do in the privacy of their bedrooms impacts the whole of society. Homosexuality is harmful. It is not benign. It causes all sorts of physical and psychological/ spiritual harm: "Homosexuals: What they ignore." (See also: Category: Homosexuality: Harmless or Harmful)

The homosexuals have been spreading outright lies about the effects of homosexual behavior. It is wrong to engage in homosexuality. It's not some arbitrary rule from God that just must be accepted without rhyme or reason.

I'm not for coercing them to stop, but I stand for telling the truth about the clear harm done by homosexuality.

All the homosexuals claiming that nothing bad will come of their coming to the fore will not be vindicated. They will be shown to have been misled and misleading. Of that there can be no doubt.

We can't stop the blind from following the blind into the ditch. Jesus is right about that. We know that.

Let us focus on speaking the whole demonstrable truth and letting the truth handle things. It is the power. It is real love.

The more we speak truth, the better.


Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church


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    • Wow. It is sooooo sad to see you speak this way.

      I had NO idea that your homophobia and intolerance ran so deep and so wide. How is this a "liberal" opinion?

      Where exactly in your copy of the New Testament does Jesus endorse such hatred? And please, don't give me Paul. I follow the teachings of Jesus, not his surrogates.

      And where is your equally vitriolic condemnation of straights, many of whom call themselves Christians, who use web sites like eHarmony to "hook up"? In my opinion, adultery and divorce are a heck of a lot more of a threat to "traditional" marriage than anything my gay or lesbian friends might be doing in their committed, loving relationships.


      Straight but not narrow,

      - QuakerDave

    • @QuakerDave -

      Hi Dave,

      I knew this was your view. Yours is the so-called modern Christian view. However, you are not reading Jesus properly. You say my view makes you sad. Well, it is sad that so many people who really apparently have convinced themselves that they follow Jesus believe as you about this.

      Homophobia means an irrational fear of homosexuality. Well, there is fear and then there is fear. I fear for the many that they are buying into the flat out lie that homosexuality is benign. I hope you read my post, "Homosexuals: What they ignore." Do you dispute the facts? Some of the stats may be off now. The post is dated and such stats are always estimates, but the general information is correct regardless. Homosexuality is harmful. There is no such thing as non-harmful homosexual behavior. How so am I being irrational here?

      As for being intolerant, I stated that I'm not for coercing anyone. I'm not for forcing homosexuals to stop. If I were to agree with using violence against them, where would I draw the line on the use of violence and why wouldn't it be okay for others to include me in with those needing to be exterminated or whatever? No, I'm not hypocritical about homosexuals. I'm practicing the Golden Rule of Jesus Christ toward them and everyone else to the best of my ability to grasp that rule. I'm all for others informing me of facts about harmful behavior. I read about environmental damage and try to do what I can within this crazy capitalistic worldly world to have as little of a polluting footprint as I can while still working to get out the message. I've actually considered total asceticism in my days but was moved by the Holy Spirit not to do that. Jesus didn't do it. I'm not a hermit in a cave seeing the light I refuse to share.

      So, how am I being intolerant in the sense you mean? Explain it if you are able. I don't condone homosexuality.

      As for liberal, I don't use the term liberal in accordance with the usage dictates of the false ideological spectrum that changes on a whim. Man, the Libertarians are conservatives, but they are "classical liberals" .... Come on. Let's pay attention to Isaiah on this matter. Let's understand what liberal means and doesn't mean. Liberal means beneficial, generous, bountiful, etc. It does not mean condoning of what is harmful. There is nothing inconsistent about that and Jesus's teaching that we aren't to go around stoning people. I'm not stoning anyone anymore than Jesus was stoning the Pharisees when he informed them that they were serpents (serpentine). You don't think Jesus was stoning them do you? I know homosexuality is extremely illiberal, just as are greed and violence.

      As for Paul, I only quote him to the Pauline. I am not Pauline. I state that numerous times on this blog, but I don't expect you to have necessarily have searched that out. You might though spend more time looking for the overarching themes of the RLCC before giving knee-jerk comments. I'm not trying to be off-putting here. I leave comments on blogs after reading only a post or two, depending. I'm not holding you to some unreasonable standard. I don't have a problem with that you've left comments before trying to learn more about my theology, although you do now need to do that. I suggest you read the page "ABOUT OUR NAME: REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH." That should help for starters.

      As for Jesus, he says, "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:" (Matthew 15:19 KJVR) There is no way that you will ever be right in claiming that homosexuals engaging in the homosexual acts of various kinds at the very time Jesus was walking the Earth and saying what I just quoted him as saying were not engaging in fornication and often adultery if they were married, which was exclusively to women. They were sinning then, as Jesus said. Their evil acts followed from the evil in their hearts. They are still sinning now. Their evil acts still follow from the evil in their hearts. They refuse to be remade. They refuse to give up their selfish way, the wide path that leads to damnation (pain and suffering as a consequence of selfishness).

      Dave, read it in truth. Don't gloss over it hoping to go on in your life with a lie, with unGodly lies.

      "And where is your equally vitriolic condemnation of straights, many of whom call themselves Christians, who use web sites like eHarmony to "hook up"?" Dave, be fair. Do I have to mention every sin to discuss any sin? It was a comment on a post on another blog. Hundreds of thoughts cross my mind as I write. You're implying that I've been hypocritical. The "married man seeking an adulterous match" was completely wrong. Using anyone to connect with anyone for other than relationships sanctioned by Jesus is un-Christian. You aren't going to find anything on this blog that runs contrary to that. You should go to the blog to read the comments that preceded mine. Let me tell you that the first thought that crossed my mind and that really moved me to comment was the lack of any focus there on eHarmony allowing its greed to dictate its practices. eHarmony compromised its standards lowering them, not that I'm saying they were high enough to begin with. I'm not saying that. Also, no one who had left a comment would hold that the man was wrong in trying to use eHarmony for adultery. Consider the audience, Dave. Don't take me out of my full context. You could rip Jesus apart in your mind doing that. How many sins can you name other than the ones Jesus specified in the one verse: Murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies? Where's just beating up someone? Where's coveting someone else's possessions even if one intends to pay money for them? You could go on and on that way implying that Jesus is not holding that non-stated acts are sins. When he stopped them by their consciences from stoning the adulteress, where was his laundry list of sins? It's intellectually dishonest to diminish the truth by saying to a truth teller that he or she must be sure to be exhaustive in listing off every sin. Doing that doesn't alter the fact that homosexuality is sin.

      In addition, your point is that homosexuality is less a threat to traditional marriage so therefore let the sinners get away with teaching children that the sin is not a sin. That's twisted, Dave. Sin is sin even though it is relative. You don't keep the Great Commandments without keeping the least. That comes right from Jesus, and you know that. Christians are never, never to call sin okay. How can you teach otherwise?

      I don't write about homosexuals being a threat to traditional marriage, although I don't dispute it. I write about homosexuals proselytizing to impressionable children with the okay of ignorant adults who by and large have been conned from moving from not stoning people, which is right, to claiming that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, which is absolutely untrue and an antichrist position.

      Dave, you're on the wrong side on this.

      As for your "gay or lesbian friends" being in "their committed, loving relationships," "Friend" in the sense-meaning Jesus used it is exclusive of unrepentant homosexuals, male or female. His friends are those who ended up giving over their entire beings to adhere to his commandments. They didn't pick and choose which rules of his they'd follow and not follow. When he makes clear no fornication and no adultery, that's that, no ifs, ands, or buts. You're blowing him off about it, my friend (I hope, my friend if you'll hear his voice on this and on everything). You've been duped, Dave. Surely you can see that. Also, Dave, a loving relationship is exclusive of knowingly doing harm. The homosexuals know they are doing harm. They know how selfish they're being.

      Oh, man, what would I do if I were to accept this truth? The thoughts race through the mind. I'd be turning to Jesus's clear, plain, irrefutable words and away from all the people I've been saying aren't sinning but who really are and have been all along. That's where you are, Dave, to some degree.

      As for "Straight but not narrow," I understand that you mean that as a clever play on words, but it's wrong. It is strait and narrow, and few there be that find it. You aren't on it right now. You're on the wide path, and you know where that leads.

      I fully expect you to change your position vis-a-vis homosexuality. If you don't, it will be a disappointment to me.

      Do the required soul-searching, Dave. Come on. It's as plain as plain gets. Read it and ask God and Jesus by name directly. If you have a real relationship with them, if they are dwelling alive within you, there is no way they will tell you that the words of Jesus regarding fornication and adultery have changed to now allow the evil of homosexuality.

      Be a real liberal.

      Tom Usher

    • Well, back on December 13th, 2008, Dave replied on his blog that the above comment is "just more hateful crap."

      He also wrote, "Don’t worry: I won't be troubling your homophobic little world any more."

      I just don't understand when it happened exactly, but Americans became extremely averse to Jesus's words. I remember when I didn't know anyone who just wasn't in awe of Jesus.

      To me, the people who hate Jesus's words are the hateful ones. To call my comment above crap is, well, plain false-heartedness.

      It's a shame. Nevertheless, I don't judge or condemn Dave or anyone else.

      People are really stuck in their ways now. They'll change all over the map, but it is now almost only if they feel like it. It's almost never because they hear the truth and will do what they are told in that regard.

      Not only that, but when they reject the clear and plain truth, they seem more and more to do it in such a condescending manner. I mean, listen to Dave there saying my "little world," as if the universe of harmlessness is a little thing.