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Posted on November 21st, 2008 by Dr.Bruce (Faith and Facts website)

It appears eHarmony will have to change their entire business model in the face of lawsuits charging them with discrimination. eHarmony has been sued by a lesbian woman seeking to be matched with another women [sic] as well as a married man seeking an adulterous match. The latest lawsuit is a class-action suit in ... California.

I left the following comment on the post:

Hello All,

eHarmony did not want to lose out on mammon. They did not want economically to confine themselves to helping match only heterosexuals. Greed goes hand-in-hand with sexual depravity.

What people do in the privacy of their bedrooms impacts the whole of society. Homosexuality is harmful. It is not benign. It causes all sorts of physical and psychological/ spiritual harm: "Homosexuals: What they ignore." (See also: Category: Homosexuality: Harmless or Harmful)

The homosexuals have been spreading outright lies about the effects of homosexual behavior. It is wrong to engage in homosexuality. It's not some arbitrary rule from God that just must be accepted without rhyme or reason.

I'm not for coercing them to stop, but I stand for telling the truth about the clear harm done by homosexuality.

All the homosexuals claiming that nothing bad will come of their coming to the fore will not be vindicated. They will be shown to have been misled and misleading. Of that there can be no doubt.

We can't stop the blind from following the blind into the ditch. Jesus is right about that. We know that.

Let us focus on speaking the whole demonstrable truth and letting the truth handle things. It is the power. It is real love.

The more we speak truth, the better.


Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church

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