Why not pay off the National Debt with interest free United States Bank Notes? Let's get rid of the interest payments on the National Debt. Let's stop paying bankers who have privatized and monopolized the currency.

The privatizers caused the bubble that burst as the Great Crash of 2008. They either did it on purpose, in which case they are crooks, or they did it out of ignorance, in which case they are, well, too ignorant to be allowed to have their hands on the tiller. They could also be crooks and too ignorant at the same time, which is really the case.

I'm not saying to string them up. I'm just saying stop following them. Stop having them in the lead.

This post was precipitated by the following article in which Robert Kuttner advocates nationalizing some banks to get the funding going on rebuilding infrastructure:

Team of Rubins, by Robert Kuttner. Huffington Post. November 23, 2008.

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