Because the coercive leadership is incapable of relating to the plight of people or worse, the coercive leadership knows the suffering but just chooses to not feel the pain, the economic situation is going to deepen in severity and last much longer than it otherwise would.

There is no sense of emergency. Where are the first responders and the follow-on crews? Why are the people again being left to drown just as in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina?

Fight Against Laissez-Faire Slavery

The fight is waged between those who demand self-sufficiency in this completely networked and artificial environment and those who know better that I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours. (John 4:38 KJVR). Who among the enemies of the sons and daughters of light is truly self-sufficient? Who buys nothing? Who sells nothing? Who scratches out a living solely from the land without the aid of anyone else? Who uses no public property? Who uses no private property of others? The man in the wilderness who never comes in from there and took nothing with him and has accepted nothing from outside qualifies to a point. As a real Christian, I must add that, that man is still not self-sufficient, because he did not create that wilderness. It was supplied by someone (or if one isn't given to understand that, then something) else. Self-sufficiency doesn't exist for human beings on this planet who are not one with God.

The problem is that the people in general (there are amazing exceptions) are numb to each other. In the main, there is a huge deficit of feelings during supposed calmer times. Many respond during emergencies only. Many never feel that there is anything wrong or anything requiring emergency attention verging on the frantic until the specific type of problem hits home. Then, the disease or whatever becomes the pet charity if at all. That's the wrong approach. That's piecemeal and myopic and conducive only to the continuation of such numbness in perpetuity.

The battle is between light and dark, truth and falsity, the right kind of love and the wrong kind of hate.

Selfishness caused the current recession/depression. Cure the disease of selfishness, get it out of every heart, and the whole of existence will heal. Work cooperatively rather than competitively.

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