Ocean Power Energy Generation (Engeration)

"Ocean currents can power the world, say scientists," by Jasper Copping. November 29, 2008.

It's an interesting concept. I wonder about corrosion and the buildup of life on the devices. I wonder about what all of this would be built out of and just how polluting it all might be. What impact would all the electrical generation have on the underwater environment and life, etc.? Who would build and own these devices?


Nigerian so-called Christian priests and priestesses are pointing the finger at hundreds of mere children calling them witches who must be murdered by their parents. In order to perform exorcisms, apparently these false-Christian leaders are requiring large payments of cash from the poor. These evil leaders ride around in their luxury cars and live in their luxury houses while the rest of society lives in abject poverty.


In parts of India, Christians are being severely harassed by fundamentalist Hindus. Reportedly scores of people have died. Some estimates place the figure at perhaps 600 during this last year.


Some Jews in Israel rightly say other Jews in Israel are terrorists and racists.
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz put out an editorial in which they called certain of the Jewish so-called settlers, and especially those near Hebron, "terrorists." It refers to Yisrael Beiteinu as racist.

For a long time now, settlers in Hebron and other areas of Judea and Samaria (and East Jerusalem) have engaged in unruly behavior whose only goal is to violently threaten the Palestinians while undermining Israel's sovereignty. By any official standard recognized worldwide, this is terrorism that sows fear and disrupts the proper management of a state.
The settlers utter profanities, spit, beat, sow ruin and destruction, while the army turns a blind eye in the best-case scenario and takes part in the worst.
Only in such a setting could a former ambassador (Danny Ayalon) who recently joined Yisrael Beiteinu, a party that espouses clear-cut racist values, appear as the lawyer for the offending group and warn: "The settlers are part and parcel of us and we must not tear them away from the nation."

The extreme right-wing activist Daniella Weiss also warns that in Hebron "we will not turn the other cheek," and the settlers holed up in the House of Contention openly call for their admirers to aid them in their struggle against the army.

"Standing up to Jewish terrorism." Haaretz Editorial. December 4, 2008.

I commend the editorial staff of Haaretz for their truth-telling in this regard. It is right for them to rebuke their fellow Jews. I wonder if the Jewish Anti-Defamation League will call Haaretz anti-Semitic?

More Israel

Hebron (Palestine) was the scene of recent clashes between the Israeli military and Fundamentalist Jewish so-called settlers. So who are the anti-Semites in this case? 600 troops removed 200 otherwise unruly Fundamentalists. Those Fundamentalists believe that there is no place for any but the ultra-type they represent. All Muslims must go — be driven out. There are many more than the 200. They number perhaps in the millions in Israel if those with strong militant leanings against all Muslims are counted in with them.

There was only what can be deemed much rioting as a result of the eviction of the 200 from a Palestinian building they had occupied.

(See: New York Times)

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