Republic Windows and Doors, Chicago

The workers who took over the factory at Republic Windows and Doors in Chicago are being somewhat supported by Barack Obama. That's good on a certain level. The thing is that this factory isn't an auto factory in 1930's Michigan.

What I want to impress upon people is that this Window and Door factory apparently isn't planned for a reopening any time soon, if ever. This isn't a strike. These workers were laid off.

Therefore, what we need is a change of systems. The dog-eat-dog system has to go. We don't need bottom-up competition. We need top-down and bottom-up cooperation such that by the time all is said and done, no one will be able to tell who's at the top or bottom because everyone will be viewed as equally valuable, as human siblings.

Huge Milk Corporations Bullying Horse and Buggy Mennonite Dairy Farmers

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, at the bidding of corporate, crony-capitalist bullies, has used police teams against horse and buggy Mennonites for selling raw milk (that isn't hurting anyone) to friends. Just think of that. It's fascism. The police team descended on Mennonites, taking their dairy equipment, confiscating their milk, and who knows what else, and arresting a family's peaceful father all because the Mennonites are doing what they've done since they began, giving their children raw milk, which is extremely healthy relative to cow's milk loaded with bovine growth hormones, antibiotics, and synthetic vitamins and also killed by pasteurization.

Did you know that clean raw milk is alive with beneficial bacteria? It's just like live cultures in yogurt.

The corporations hate this. They want all milk to go through them. That's why they lobbied to force through needless regulations (there are good rules and bad rules).

There are other ways to determine that milk is safe. It doesn't have to be killed.

These particular Mennonites drink raw milk. They don't get sick from it. That's obvious. The whole corporate milk thing is a Big Lie. Why are Mennonites not dropping like flies if their milk is bad and dangerous? Anyone who ignores this is false-hearted. I hate it. The corporate-capitalist dominance over humanity has to go. It will go.

Chemical Pollution is Feminizing Vertebrate Males Including Humans

"It's official: Men really are the weaker sex," by Geoffrey Lean. The Independent. December 7, 2008.

Strange title

This is happening all over the world. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about the wilderness or not. The chemicals created by the insane capitalist (selfish rather than unselfish) economy are creating havoc. They are evil created by those who have turned to the dark side. The statistics and species impacted and how they are impacted is awful.

The article doesn't address homosexuality but sticks to the subject of feminization. An interesting aspect here though is that science says some homosexual males have an overabundance of testosterone relative to average heterosexual males. Hormones certainly do play the central most-immediate (as in nearest) role in what is called gender and sexual orientations. Apparently, testosterone isn't simply masculinizing. Too much testosterone seems to overshoot the peak in natural masculinity. The balance is disturbed.

Chemicals react to environmental/behavioral changes. The environment when viewed as the whole universe of inputs (material and spiritual) upon and within humanity, certainly determines orientation absent overriding divine intervention.

If pollution is causing more of what the article calls gender bending (and that is certain), then in such cases, such particular gender bending clearly is a disease caused by artificial-chemical pollution and is the doing of the chemical companies, including pharmaceutical.

George W. Bush Hedging on God and Jesus: No Literalism Now

George W. Bush gamed the Fundamentalists and conservative-Republican so-called evangelists. I don't mean he gamed the elite. I mean he gamed (deceived via omission) the grassroots — those in the pews.

Now that he's at the bottom of the barrel in terms of approval, now that he sees the political writing on the wall that Rove and he were fleeting, as he knew he would spend and over spend all his political capital he had stolen, he has decided to change positions, just as so many others are for a while they think, shifting their positions from laissez-faire to regulation and nationalization.

He is helping the auto industry even while Senate Republicans rejected helping them. This is very similar to Olmert speaking truths he avoided before his corruption was exposed.

Sometimes such events with political leaders are genuine. It has been extremely rare though. Most often, the politicians are simply engaged in more false-hearted perception manipulation. They soon revert to their true stripes in public and never really change them in private among fellow criminals.

Bush says now that the Bible is probably not literal. (See: Raw Story.)

Imagine had he said that 9 and 10 years ago.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

They bring down governors, senators, representatives, and others, but no one talks about national insanity. The system is insane. It's coming apart at the seams.

In case you have not been informed, Blagojevich has been caught on tape allegedly in what is called the "pay-to-play" game in U.S. politics. As a prime example of this, recall Tom DeLay.

Politics is a money-making machine for the players in this game. If you want a favor, show the money or other mutual favors, not because the cause is good or just but simply as a raw bribe. It's called governmental corruption. The big payers are the biggest corporations headed by the richest of the rich in the end: The plutocrats (bankers).

This is why the bankers have received the most in the bailout that they caused on purpose to result in the bailout ("good" money, as in the labor of the lower classes, replacing garbage they spewed out) to ruin others to consolidate more toward greater monopoly by the oligarchs (richest most secretive families.

In Israel

High school seniors are refusing to join the military to go abuse Palestinians. These 18- and 19-year-olds are facing prison.

(See: "Shministim: Leader's in the Way to a New Israel," by Eileen Fleming. WAWA Blog December 12, 2008.)

Eileen Fleming is so determined to speak the truth she knows that she has been banned from certain so-called "liberal" mega-sites on the Internet.

In Greece

High school students have been rioting all over the country against the fake socialist (extremely coercive) government that is really just a dictatorship no better than a blatantly rightwing dictatorship in the eyes of those youths. The youths are upset by the police killing people with impunity. The most recent flare-up was touched off by the police murdering an unarmed 15-year-old boy.

Days of rioting in Greece have left dozens injured and hundreds of premises burned to the ground as citizens vent their anger at the shooting of a 15-year-old boy by police officers. Chris Wherlock, who has been participating in the protests in Thessaloniki, recounts how what began as a peaceful demonstration against police brutality turned into full-scale civil unrest.

Guardian Weekly. December 11 2008.

Here's another view that is much less mainstream and very much worth reading on account of it:

"Greek Teenagers," by Nikos Raptis. ZNet. December 12, 2008.

Nikos relates the history, as many of his fellow youths see that history.


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