Sneaky, disingenuous political operatives, such as Jerry Falwell (Moral Majority) and his ilk that included among others Roman Catholics (Terry Dolan, Richard Viguerie, and Paul Weyrich) and an ostensible Christian Jew (Howard Phillips), in the U.S. furthered the subversion of the Protestant Fundamentalists and Evangelicals especially by targeting the Deep South on the heels of the Civil Rights Movement.

Many Southern self-styled Fundamentalists and Evangelicals never reconciled with the teachings of Jesus. They were misled to excuse slavery and to seek to continue and further racism. Their pastors did it via a conveniently selective reading of the Gospel ignoring the central tenet of Christ that is the New Commandment. Even in the most mundane sense, that commandment will not come to be understood by those who do not view it in light of the full context of the message of Jesus.

Love is the defining term. It applies to every human regardless of skin color. It also means peace and truth. When the world properly defines and adheres to the love of which Jesus speaks, it will have real peace and not before. Failing that love is the cause of division and strife.

Mohammed did not teach this. It's not central to the teachings of Buddha. Confucius didn't teach it. His Golden Rule is not synonymous with Jesus's. Confucius's vision was limited to less than Christ's. Jesus never imposed on the outside system.

Religious and philosophical founders have overlapping themes, but there is only one Jesus. The beauty of Jesus is that he allows others to become one with him in perfection.

The applicable false pastors have been regressively subverted moving from outside the evil system to within. The divided houses have been merged more, and the fractures are only being magnified. This is why the house is falling. Unify on the tenets of Christ, and the house will become new and stand forever.

George W. Bush realized how to use the movement started by Falwell and neoconservatives and fascists. He understood that he could use the turnout of the duped so-called Christians in conjunction with dirty tricks to obtain the Presidency by fraud.

Many people who chose George rationalized. They hid behind what is termed "enlightened self-interest" where the self is apart from the wholesomeness that is God.

Some people misbelieve that faith in Jesus is responsible for the death and destruction caused by George W. Bush and his neoconservatives. It is the lack of faith in Jesus that caused the death and destruction. All that is against real love, peace, and truth is antichrist by definition. This is circular, but not wrong. It is divine logic.

Faith in Jesus is never responsible for war or greed or any depravity of human kind.

Larry Beinhart wrote, "After a brief, semi-retirement of a few hundred years, religion has returned as the number one cause of violence, war and death." ("The God Series – Because Religion is The Battleground of the 21st Century," by Larry Beinhart. OpEdNews. December 14, 2008.)

This suggests that Larry holds that all the death and destruction during the preceding "few hundred years" is mostly attributable to other than religious beliefs. Belief in the justification of violence and killing and destruction, faith in those misguided powers whether one attributes such powers to the spiritual or material or both, is the evil. Focusing on the root cause that is selfishness (the lack of understanding the pure nature of self) is requisite.

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