I sent the following message to Lily Galili. Lily wrote a powerful article calling Israel back to morality and away from false-intellectual practicality. I recommend the piece.

Hello Lily Galili,

I clicked the link that is your name on the article in Haaretz entitled, "Regaining our moral compass" fully expecting to be taken to a profile page or list of other articles and not my email program.

Well, since I'm here, let me say that your article will have helped to turn a number people's thoughts in a better direction.

Let me further add that it is my express position that the most pragmatic things are also the most righteous.

Semantical theology is central to my belief system.

Well, more power to you as you rightly rebuke the powers that be. You are prophesying. Of course, I don't yet know your full stance.

If you have other articles you recommend, please don't hesitate to forward links.

I will be blogging concerning the article cited above.

Blessing to you,

Tom Usher

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