So we have the Pentagon saying that it's planning to have 20,000 troops in the U.S. to handle domestic (so-called homeland) security. This comes at the same time when the economy is tanking and the threat of domestic crisis is rising. Does this mean the Pentagon will shoot to kill common U.S. citizens if the citizenry presses for a new governmental system when it's ignored by Congress and the White House? If you think that's out of the question, you're not thinking. The Military-Industrial Complex is that ruthless. They sure aren't planning this because they fear a Muslim invasion or having to fight so-call Islamic terrorists.

Cluster Bombs

The U.S. refuses to stop making and using cluster bombs. Everything about war stinks. These people can't even not use these extremely evil devices. The U.S. is cursing itself in case you weren't aware.

Gulf War Syndrome

Now that Gulf War Syndrome is official, when will the investigation begin as to why it was held not to be for so long?

Look, I feel for those who suffer this way, but what I want more than anything to come out of this is for people to wake up to the fact that the militarist don't have the best interests of anyone who isn't a member of the elite in mind. The system is geared to rewarding most those who do the bidding the most of the moneyed elite. If you don't want to be treated the way Gulf War Syndrome victims have been mistreated, don't join the military under any circumstances.

Donald Rumsfeld Labeled Torturer by U.S. Senate

The U.S. Senate released an official report that Rumsfeld and other White House and administration people authorized illegal interrogation tactics (torture). We all knew this of course for years. Those people have attempted to hide behind mere lawyers' opinions.

The Senate waited until the end of Bush's term so that impeachment would remain off the table. Also, they issued the statement while Bush is still in office so that Bush would have clear warning that he needs to pardon all involved.

We shall see what the Obama administration does. Most people believe that he will do nothing unless pushed hard on the subject.

Nixon to Kissinger in 1972 about North Vietnam

"That shock treatment [is] cracking them. I tell you the thing to do is pour it in there every place we can ... just bomb the hell out of them."

That's coming from the man who ran in 1968 on a platform of getting the U.S. out of Vietnam within his first term. What a liar. Of course, he did say that we [government] say one thing and do another. So he was a liar who admitted it openly.

Local and State Governments

Local and state governments in the U.S. are really just beginning to feel the financial crisis. The whole nation/world is bankrupt. There's no doubt about it. The governmental system is completely corrupt and toxic, frankly. It won't work. The people in it aren't focusing on the right things at all. They're just doing the same old type of thinking that got everyone into the current problem. They're reacting much too slowly and in the wrong ways anyway.

I wish we didn't have dishonest, inept people running things. There are some people mixed in who really do care, but they are far, far outnumbered by those who are looking out first and foremost for themselves and then their immediate family members. That's just not the spirit that's going to solve the current crisis.

Everything is drying up so that the bankers' system can then step right up to (attempt?) to buy everything. Watch.

Those governments are borrowing more and more to fund anything and everything.


Hopefully, Barack Obama will reverse the Bush administration on Mountaintop removal as a means of extracting coal. Bush has given the green light to mining companies to dump into streams, etc. How evil can one get? Sadly, things could be much worse and will get there if the people don't wake up.

At least Bank of America has said it will stop funding the companies that do this. With the way money and power are shifting around though, who knows what that will mean in practical terms. Mountaintop removal should never have been allowed by the heart of anyone (greedy monsters) It's totally evil. No good is coming from it.

Arctic De-Amplification

Arctic de-amplification is when the polar ice melts so much each year that the heat isn't being reflected back anymore by the white snow and ice. The models the scientists had been using failed to properly predict the increasing rate of melt, just as I wrote on this site long ago (that their models will prove too little, too late). They just aren't able to feel the geometric progression of payback for selfishness.

Barack Obama Called for Science and Tech

Obama has said that science and technology must be moved into first priority. Well, science and technology are ever only going to be as good as they are unselfish from start to finish. Science and technology that comes out from selfish motives such as gain in mammon will never be good. There will always be more negatives associated with such developments than positives.

Israel and Palestine/Gaza

Let's also hope that Barack Obama will stop funding Israel in its mistreatment of Arabs, Muslims, and Christians and others in Palestine and especially Gaza. Of all the situations in the world, Israel is the biggest blight on civilization. There are other conflicts that rage hotter, but none has been more ignored and better funded by the American people and more enduring a symbol of racism and ethnic bigotry on a par with Apartheid South Africa.

For four weeks, Israel sealed off Gaza.

Unemployment: That's Real Unemployment

The New York Times finally got around to using the figure 12.5% unemployed in the U.S. That means that if the unemployment rate doubles from here, it will match the rate during the Great Depression. Now that's just percentage-wise. Consider how much larger the total population is today than in the 1930's.

Blackwater and Nisoor Square Massacre

Five Blackwater soldiers of fortune/mercenaries have been indicted for the indiscriminate killing of 14 and wounding 20 Iraqis. Of course, we've seen the slaps on the wrist before. I'm not for punishment but rather repentance; but really, this whole system of war and military and paramilitary must end. The world needs total disarmament.

Bigger than Enron

Bernard L. Madoff may have stolen $50 billion in a Ponzi scheme on Wall Street. What's new? Right now, Wall Streeters such as Henry Paulson are in the end stealing tens of trillions via the various schemes that have been, are being, and are yet to be rolled out by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve. They've stolen trillions now from the people and redistributed it all to Paulson and Bernanke's friends and bosses.

Bernard Madoff Tells What? He tells of greed. He tells of what happens when mammon worship is the way of life until death of the flesh. This person is the poster man for greed right now, but he's just one in a long series that includes Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke.

There is no ethics in this worldly system. 95% of whistleblowers lose their jobs.

United States Notes

It's time for interest-free United States Notes to be printed by the U.S. Government and not the Federal Reserve and to be used to pay off the National Debt. The Federal Reserve must be abolished. The system is totally rigged for the liars. Only criminals sit at the top. Satan is the god of this worldly world. Anyone who doesn't know that is just ignorant, gullible, and naive.


Be prepared for the killing in Afghanistan and Pakistan to skyrocket under Barack Obama. The U.S. is planning to double the number of troops in Afghanistan. Of course, we aren't hearing about the private contractors that will be involved. Also, we aren't told about the covert ops that are on-going. The area is crawling with spies.

The U.S. is also planning on doing many of the same nasty things it did in Iraq. It's going to pay groups to act as death squads called militias. It's going to fund warlords, even more in other words. It's going to rev up sectarian and tribal conflicts, etc. all with an eye of dividing to further destabilize and weaken to control.

The insane CIA is actually reported to be distributing Viagra to warlords to win them over to the Plutocrats cause. Let me tell you that revving up lust is going to backfire right in the CIA's face. I hate what these people do - just hate it. It is so, so evil. Woe to the CIA. They are heading themselves to Hell.


The rioting has continued for 3 weeks. The youth are really angry.

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