UPDATE: According to Reuters, January 3, 2009: "At least 424 Palestinians have been killed and 2,000 wounded in the air strikes while four Israelis have been killed by Palestinian-fired rockets." Where is the outcry in the U.S. against this? Woe, woe, woe!

We had a siege for one-and-a-half months, nothing allowed in, no medicines, no food, no nothing. And still, Hamas and other organizations did not throw any rockets. Israel kept on coming, and they killed twenty-three people in three weeks. Of course, this provoked Hamas, and they just did not renew this issue of ceasefire, because it was useless. — Dr. Moussa El-Haddad, December 29, 2008

This notion that Israel has a right to defend itself—against who? Against 1.5 million people who are refugees, who are starving, who are caged in the world's largest prison or concentration camp. Don't Palestinians also have a right to defend themselves? What should Palestinians do? I turn the question of those who keep pointing the finger at the Palestinians. — Ali Abunimah, December 29, 2008,

The world will need to remember that although Israel is a Jewish state, it is a state whose policies many Jews find objectionable, just as a majority of American Jews oppose President Bush's wars of aggression in the Middle East and his unconstitutional policies at home.  We must not confuse Israel's Zionist government with world Jewry, just as we must not confuse the American people with the war criminals in the Bush Regime. — Paul Craig Roberts, January 2, 2009

Okay, let's see. 400-600 people have been killed in Gaza, because the Israelis started knocking down businesses and houses and shutting schools and orphanages and generally tightening up during a period of relative calm. Did you know that's how it started, or do you get your news from the Associated Press? The Gazans began retaliating, so Israel literally shut down everything more so than ever before. The Gazans became desperate and some retaliated with rockets. The Israelis stepped it up some more while doing a little distracting such as pushing some Jewish so-called settlers around. With each escalation by Israel, the Gazans fired more rockets. Now we have a line of tanks ready to go into Gaza and Israeli soldiers and civilians literally dancing there in anticipation of the wholesale slaughter.

Now, I'm reminded of my own words when I said that the only reason, the only reason, Ariel Sharon withdrew from Gaza was so there would be no Israelis there when Israel attacks en masse. That old fox though got his massive brain hemorrhage for his lovely thoughts, not that I wished it on him. Who though couldn't see it coming what with his weight and all the evil he was doing on behalf of the Jews and his own immediate family, especially his sons who aided him in the gangsterism?

For nearly a week now, Israel has been pounding a people whose land the Israelis stole. I see nothing from Barack Obama telling them that they better stop and back off and repent and atone. Well, he won't say it, but I will and am.

Israel, you better stop, back off, repent, and atone. If you don't, then woe to you. That's no idle threat. That's a warning out from love about the inevitable negative consequences once Satan gets you, and he will if you keep it up.

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