Some people continue to hammer away as if the Soviet Union was socialism and that the collapse of the Soviet Union showed the failure of socialism. (See: December 31, 2008, The Fraud of Government Intervention, By Robert Tracinski, RealClearPolitics and You will hear no more antichrist garbage anywhere. You will hear no more one-sided propaganda. You will hear only the garbage coming out from those bought and paid for as think-tank boys who are in the hip pocket of the billionaire plutocrats. You will hear nothing about all the real communistic places in the world that have shown many times over the giving and sharing economy is not Stalinism and is also vastly better than the system this greed-monger loves. This guy does nothing but beat up a straw man. Let him take on someone real for a change. Come on Robert Tracinski. Come over here and identify yourself and debate. Let's see if you can substantiate any of your garbage about real communism rather than the dead dog under Lenin.

First of all, the Soviet Union wasn't socialism. The Soviet Union was a totalitarian dictatorship under one person, first Lenin then Stalin. That was state-capitalism. Stalin's grip failed only upon his death. The Soviet Union slowly fell apart largely due to the Cold War arms race that spent them into the ground. It drank them under the table, but the current U.S. hangover has come home to roost.

The Soviet Union was run by bosses who controlled the various sectors. Those bosses were not socialists. They lived as well as the capitalist millionaires. That's not socialism. I'm no defender of socialism, but I'm sick and tired of all the laissez-faire capitalist liars running around especially being printed in the major newspapers saying that the Soviet Union's collapse proved socialisms failure.

The Scandinavian countries have been social democracies for decades and have a better history than does the U.S. on all sorts of the most important measures. Until the greedy, swine as Jesus calls them, started buying their way into power in those nations, those nations were doing much better. The more those nations turn to doing what the greedy ones in the U.S. want them to do, the worse things will get and the more the greedy swine will say that that is due to the Scandinavians not turning enough to exactly what has caused the global collapse and that's greed.

I just did a post the other day entitled, "THE INHERENT TREACHERY OF AVARICE (CAPITALISM)." Read it. Don't be stupid. Don't listen to the greedy ones who always, always ruin everything.

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