Some of this will be a continuation of my immediately preceding post: GAZA AND ISRAEL: SETTING THE HISTORICAL RECORD STRAIGHT

For the purposes of this post, "Israel" means the Zionist Project of the atheist Herzl and not the true Israel, the true Jews, of whom Jesus meant when he referred to the Jews knowing God. Herzl and the false-Zionists of what is currently called the Zionist Project don't know the God of Jesus.

Israel bombed a school clearly known to them as being managed by the U.N. The U.N. flags were flying. The GPS coordinates of the school had been officially supplied by the U.N. to the Israelis. Israel though claimed and then retracted after being exposed by the U.N. for the blatant liars that they are, that Hamas was firing rockets from U.N. managed facilities. That's ludicrous. The U.N. isn't going to cover for Hamas firing rockets from school buildings that are being constantly monitored by U.N. officials who check everyone entering.

Israel is killing, no murdering, hundreds of children. It's sheer evil — a huge war crime. I cannot understand how anyone supports Israel in this. People are first and foremost blaming Hamas, but those people are ignorant of, or are ignoring, the facts. Hamas didn't start the violence after Hamas was elected. Israel did. That's a fact.

The truth is that whatever the official government of Israel has said are the main historical events leading up to the current crisis are 100% backwards. If they say Hamas started this or that, it is, has always been, the exact opposite. It has always been Hamas reacting to Israel, Hamas retaliating to what Israel began. All Israel has done is act out against Palestine and Gaza and then claimed that whatever steps Hamas took were taken without Israeli instigation.

Israel's government is a pathological liar. All of the Israeli mouthpieces in the U.S. — the neocons, the FOX News network, the Israeli/Jewish Lobby, etc., are pathological liars.

Whenever they are confronted with an actual timeline of events that clearly demonstrates that they have been and continue to spread lies, they duck. They go into the haziest of language and seek to change the subject or to cause enough insults that they can duck out.

They are pathological liars and literal murderers (by even mundane legal standards) on account of it.

Hamas agreed to a two-state solution based upon the 1967 Green Line that is to say the 67 borders after the 1967 War. Israel, backed by the pathological liar U.S. government, rejected that peace for the obvious reason that Israel covets land. They covet more land than anyone realizes. Truth be told, they covet the planet. It's Biblical.

Not all Jews or Israelis covet the planet or more land or any of the land called the settlements in the post-1967 territories. In fact, there are Jews who think that, that entire Zionist Project is an abomination before God. I agree, because it is all based upon lies and covetousness.


Hamas and Hezbollah are doing themselves no favor. Iran isn't helping either. These people have it exactly backwards. If they want to beat Israel, they have to go non-violent. Listen, Gandhi beat the British without firing a shot. The South Africans were a bit rowdy, but they were not as Hamas. Martin Luther King in the U.S. drove in many civil-rights advancements also and without firing a shot. These people were heavily influenced by Jesus Christ.

The last thing Israel wants is peace. If there is peace, they won't have the cover of terrorism for their covetousness.

Wake up! Stop being Muslims. Turn to Christ and win. The Israelis can't beat Jesus. They can't afford to kill him again. They know it too.

Do a unilateral ceasefire and stick to it until the international community forces the U.S., and it could and would, to back off and to obtain equal human rights for Palestinians.

Your people are already being murdered. If they murder you while you turn the other cheek, which you must do or lose too, they will be forced to stop. Their official funding from the U.S. will dry up completely otherwise.

Do not violently resist evil. Turn away from the sword.

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